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China International Futures noon Dec. 3 Review
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Outside last night and crude oil continues upward trend of stock index, the dollar fell back to 80 near the commodities continue to shock rebound, which limit the U.S. cotton; finished lower this morning, domestic goods, the central economic work conference over the weekend the focus of monetary policy will return next year balance between the normal and the relationship between economic growth, set the tone for the weekend to avoid the policy risks, the market is relatively cautious, to do pre-rally held by the cotton, zinc, oil pressure and other technology is close to the morning rush down, it continued to rebound in the late Shang sure, you can take profits rallies, waiting for the next opportunity. Operating strategy: most of this rally the market to a greater variety of techniques have been the pressure bit, more than a single open profit-taking, waiting for the next opportunity to continue to not chase the center line empty, do not buy the dips of the ideas. Zhou Jin Metal Lunch Review: Metal Last trading day yesterday, there is no effective pressure to break bit, this case of pressure drop, is expected to continue weak order until the close of the afternoon, concerned about the anchor position (1103 contract): CU 64260 ZN 17980 AL 16280 (reference only) Oil afternoon Editorial: Yang Tao (53410642) 13:07:01 Oil afternoon Editorial: U.S. soybeans late in the overnight rise in soybean oil. After opening sharply lower palm oil finished lower plate is expected to continue moving average of the Disadvantaged finishing the afternoon. Operation: 1109 soybean oil contract pressure level: 9756, support at 9678. 9100 Palm 1109 contract pressure level, support at 9004. Personal point of view for reference (Yang Tao) Natural rubber: November non-manufacturing PMI fell to 53.2% of the chain, the European Central Bank announced a 16-nation euro zone to maintain 1% of the leading interest rates unchanged. Malaysia's natural rubber to increase the official quotation, the domestic spot market in Kunming yesterday quoted the same flat. Plastic outer disc at a high level consolidation in the 370 line, to open lower today after Hujiao finished lower, indicating a strong top of the pressure is expected to continue finishing midday market. Concerned about the 5 day moving average support, days of the main short-term operation, care overnight. Personal point of view, for reference only.