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Liu Xiaobo China Network Review The Lingba Charter anti-constitutional
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October 8th, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Peace Prize this year in China's Liu Xiaobo prison, triggering the world question: Liu Xiaobo is that? He Hedeheneng favored by the Nobel Committee? China was the colonial desire: "Three years is not enough" Liu was born in 1955 through the early years when the educated youth and workers, in 1984, Beijing Normal University, Master of teaching after graduation. Four years later, received doctorate in literature and art. To succeed, he "accused person" the way in one fell swoop Jump red, which also began to reveal its true face. In 1988, when he was in Hong Kong "liberation Monthly" editor in chief Liu Admiralty Interview: "Some of the Chinese people's national character to criticize, do you think?" Undisguised Liu said: "I do not think the drop in China Wu is the result of several headed, but the result of each person, because the system is a human creation, all the tragedies in China are Chinese, self-directed speech and self-appreciation, which may be race related. "For the Admiralty asked "Under what conditions, the Chinese be possible to achieve a real historical change" issue, Liu replied without hesitation: "Three hundred colonies. Colony of Hong Kong to become today a hundred years, China is so big, when However, three hundred years of colonial needs, such as Hong Kong will become this year, three hundred years is enough, I still have doubts. "For" in June this year you received his Ph.D. in Beijing Normal University, does that mean an official recognition of "the problem, Liu Xiaobo replied: "I never learned good or bad does not recognize the decision by the doctors and masters, and I look at a specific person, if you row, you can not use any degree. In my opinion, really only a handful of decent, so I said that university graduates 95% of the waste, 97% of master's graduates, PhD graduates, 98%, 99% of the waste. " With these extremist remarks, Liu became the eyes of Westerners were "literary dark horse." Liu Xiaobo on Western political, economic and cultural systems as possible and touted his best, he praised "by the West have the best Transcendentalist philosopher, the speculative philosopher, religious philosophers, philosophers and non-rational logic of scholars, they can help people who each possess creative, have developed to a point where extreme and very beautiful. "For raising Their homeland, Liu as saying, "I do not care patriotism, treason, treason You say that I, I treason! To admit that he is digging the graves of filial sons, and proud of it." As a Chinese, Liu Xiaobo his own nation and compatriots resigned worthless, saying "Chinese people were all from the physical to the spiritual impotence" and "Chinese people's quality so low," "lack of creativity of the Chinese people", and All cause "and race on," "a lot of human weakness is common, but it developed to the Chinese people can not be fucking point." Liu ashamed to be Chinese, he considers himself the greatest tragedy in a foreign language Customs, however, "If you can cross the border, China will, and I had no relations," he said "have a relationship with China is very humiliating," and even bothered to mention "China" to be used. This year we are accused by Western powers "Sick man of Asia", "inferior races" exactly the same. He has also repeatedly and openly as the "Taiwan independence" and "Tibetan separatist" beating the drums, and even suggested the Chinese split into eighteen. Cried: "I really know is wrong" After the political storm in Beijing in 1989, Liu Xiaobo, a visiting scholar in the United States that the time has come to fame, immediately ahead of return, as the "June Fourth" the main instigator of unrest. After being arrested by public security organs. It was the work of the people Members recalled that in the end of the first trial, Liu suddenly fell to his knees, clutching the legs of the staff, cried begged: "I really know is wrong, I do not want to go to jail, you must think of ways to help me . "He pro- Pen to write the "confession", "repentance book" and that "from now on to repentant, reborn, to be a conducive to the country and the people people." In sentencing the day, Liu pleaded guilty in court, tearful To confess. Given their good attitude, the Government made leniency from criminal punishment. Since then, Liu has been removed from the school. But he did not repent, return to prostitution in 1991, continue to participate in "pro-democracy" activities , And in 1995 and 1999 for disturbing the social order is RTL. Some foreign wages: "I do not bad money child" Liu Xiaobo, since the 20th century, mid 90s, that is working in the background of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency-funded National Endowment for Democracy, "democratic China" companies regularly receive salary. October 12 this year, foreign Arab News websites in the Baltic, "" noble prisoner, "Liu jail salary Know," a paper disclosure, Liu Xiaobo's annual salary is $ 23,004, according to the exchange rate was converted into RMB 157,600 yuan. Liu served even in the , The month can earn 13,000 yuan. In addition, Liu also against the Chinese government accused the foreign media that the author earns royalties, plus a monthly income of acceptance foreign media, and the West presented the various "awards", living fear of abject poverty. Foreign media Found his "home furnishings and elegant wall shelves filled with expensive porcelain," while big spenders. Liu Xiaobo cellmate raving: "I'm not like you, I'm not bad money, children, I am here to serve their sentences abroad each year who give money." Money is a self-evaluation: I have been "totally shattered" Liu has been claimed to be the spirit of Chinese citizens a sense of crisis, a sense of responsibility and mission in "civic movement", pretending to the image of a gentleman of high moral character, but hear his words and deeds, Liu Bo really was the Word, as he advertised himself as noble it? Liu Xiaobo, do not chase chase name in the end? In 2003, Liu told the so-called "great democrat, Award", the proud to say: "dare to major public events to tell the truth, even without tangible incentives, Moral reputation will be invisible, particularly from mainland China and the international mainstream of civil society's moral incentives - will become public by the private sector with the rise of influential public figure. "Indeed gave away the secret. On Various types of charity in the West, "Human Rights Award", "democrats Award", "freedom of speech award", "Media Awards", etc., Liu droves, desperate to attack their own country and the nation to earn the award of these cheap . Liu Xiaobo, you really do not fame and fortune? Or let him run it! "Why should I lecture, first, feel good, the second is to make money, do not give enough of how much money one hour, I will not go. Money is a self-evaluation, With a certain amount of money, your life is as open to a certain breadth. "He admitted that" there are times to go to Beijing Friendship Store, saw a bottle of wine FEC 160, the bottle was standing in front of me, feel that they are A weak, was completely shattered! Damn, you Liu famous speech, what's the use, this wine can not conquer it! "Clear enough! Liu Xiaobo, who are familiar know his character very "extreme" arrogant. In 2001, he was involved in the formation of illegal organization "Independent Chinese PEN Center," and to suppress dissent, to establish their own small circle as the core Son, for in the "pro-democracy circles," surrounded by enemies, and organizations have diverted funds since been indicted in the United States. Precisely because of this, Liu winning the overseas "democracy movement" elements and more are dissatisfied. The "Charter" anti-Constitution: "Let the torch of the Statue of Liberty spread across the world" Helenians money, help people work. "Money is not a child" Liu began in 2005 spared no effort to force the Western anti-China forces, and thrown out in 2008 called "Lingba Charter." On the one hand to spread rumors, libel or other parties Type established by the Constitution deny the people's democratic dictatorship, the socialist system and the unitary state structure, the other using the Internet to incite others to join in an attempt to change the political system, to overthrow the existing regime, beyond the statement On the limits of freedom, suspected of crimes. The so-called "Lingba Charter" is actually nothing new, almost mechanically copy a mess of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel's "Charter 77", its content is completely violated the Chinese Constitution and laws of the claim, it spread to completely negate Party leadership and the current form of government to implement constitutional reform as a breakthrough in Western political system, in order to disrupt the people thinking of gradual and orderly manner, and advocate "violent revolution" thinking. From the fundamental point of view, the ultimate goal is to overthrow the Leadership of the party to subvert the existing regime. The implementation of such a "charter", not only will China become a vassal of the West, and China's social progress and welfare of the people will no longer exist. "Lingba Charter" by the West Consistent touted. December 2008, Liu inciting subversion of state power was sentenced to 11 years deprivation of political rights for 2 years. Liu himself as "Lingba Charter" were obviously the main cooked a long time with his pro-Western, Chong Meiguo ideas are inseparable. 2001 "9.11" incident, he published "I want to defend life, from By the war and peace ", saying" this is to defend the American people for the establishment of a global liberal order and pay for extraordinary costs, "" To get the torch of the Statue of Liberty spread across the world, each person has the responsibility to declare war on terrorism . " Liu Xiaobo, China, as in western countries, "pawn", people will have been cast aside.