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Pull the bovine nose that advances reform development in the round
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“ wears coat to carry collar, pull an ox to pull nose. Seventeen of ” party 3 in plenary meeting is discussed pass " the decision that the Central Committee of Communist Party of China develops a certain number of major problems about advancing a country to reform " , to the country reform development makes new deploy, pulled the ” of “ ox nose that advances new development of society of our country economy.

Our country is agricultural big country, agricultural population be in the majority. Problem of agriculture, country, farmer, it is problem of the global sex of our country revolution, construction, reform, essential sex from beginning to end. Period of New Democracy revolution, party open up the path with the Chinese successful revolution that surrounds a city by the country; Socialism builds period, agriculture, country, farmer is altruistic the industrialized construction that helped a nation and urban construction; Period of reforming and opening, our party respects the initiative of the farmer adequately, take the lead in initiating reform in the country, push with boundless situation to the whole nation, compose of reforming and opening gallant and epic. Rural reform develops to build socialism basic economy system and system of socialist market economy had primary level creativity exploration, what be not worth overall well-off from dress warmly and ear one's fill for implementation people is historic span, advanced socialistic modernization to make enormous contribution, for conquer all sorts of difficulty are mixed risk, maintained stability of social overall situation to lay solid foundation, for road of socialism of characteristic of China of successful open up, form Chinese characteristic socialism academic system accumulated valuable experience. Rural reform develops, effulgent canto was written down on the history of our country.

Current, the reform development of our country enters crucial phase. The whole nation is advanced to reform progress on new historical start, must accelerate advance a country to reform progress. Today, our bear is worn society of overall construction well-off, accelerate the great history task that advances socialistic modernization. Look from global angle and strategic height, continue to deepen reform, stimulative development, new breakthrough must be obtained on rural reform development, through deepening a country country of reform, stimulative agriculture develops, accumulate reform further experience, extend measure of reform domain, perfect reform, push comprehensive reform, drive society of our country economy good rapid development.

The new condition new job that answers agricultural country development, must accelerate advance a country to reform progress. Change as industrialized, informatization, town, commercialize, internationalization development develops, development of reform of our country country also faces a lot of new cases new issue, the contradiction of deep administrative levels that restricts development of country of our country agriculture and issue are outstanding still, basically be structure of labor of pattern of produce supply and demand, agriculture, rural society structure, agriculture open to the outside world situation happening changes deeply, urban and rural and binary structure is contradictory and outstanding, rate of agricultural production management systematism is low, system of protection of support of agriculture of system of produce market system, agricultural socialization service, country is diseased, agricultural base still fragile, agriculture develops way still extensive, tie of environment of population natural resources increases, aggravate of outflow of rural factor of production, income of urban and rural dweller allocates difference to expand continuously, rural society career and public service level are inferior, basic level of country of a few places organizes weak slack, enhance rural democracy job of legal construction, society management is onerous. Had solved these contradiction and problem, the key is to should strengthen rural system construction and innovation, solve agricultural country to develop difficult problem through perfecting rural system mechanism to defeat, unlock further liven rural economics, optimize a country to develop an environment, for the country development provides system safeguard.
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