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Advance construction of new rural area steadily
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Building socialistic new rural area is a long-term and formidable history task, need asks according to center deploy, try reliably actively to advance again already. Develop to owing for the area, solid advance construction of new rural area, need to pay attention to more in found, do time of real issue fluctuation, get more material benefit in order to ensure rural economics company can stabilize masses of development, farmer for a long time. In recent years, shaanxi saves pacify edge county to hold to base oneself upon to advance construction of new rural area actually, put the emphasis in improvement industry of base of country of rural infrastructure, development, build a country system of basic social security, strengthen rural basic level to organize construction, obtained better result.

Improve rural infrastructure. The focal point that builds infrastructure turns to a country, improve the manufacturing surroundings of farmer masses stage by stage. According to village border road 4 class are changed, 3 class change countryside border way, 2 class change main way, the requirement that high speed of prefectural border road changes, compose is built surround urban and rural transportation network; On the foundation that tried hard a few years in the past, build the oil path connecting a village that finishs 152 kilometers the task this year, make entire county connects oil path village to achieve 156. Safety of cultivate of executive country person waters project, the key solves safety of cultivate of a mountainous area person to water problem. Accelerate rural electrified wire netting to be transformed newlier, improve power supply quality, the key solves summertime agriculture to irrigate not to have problem of electrify of electric nature village with 7 with report. Catch village of village of “ of good broadcasting television to open ” project, make broad farmer masses can see electrify inspect, hear broadcast, raise informatization level of the country stage by stage. Develop the clean the sources of energy such as rural firedamp actively, develop circular agriculture, improve rural person to rank an environment.

Develop rural base property. It is with the market oriented, it is core with benefit, play compares a dominant position, breed dish, cultivate, potato energetically industry of 3 large bases. Accelerate east the construction of area of garden of contemporary agriculture industry such as hole, implementation industry position becomes a change to the seton that link a drop to the line from the dot. Mix in area of beach of upper sand blown by wind mid breed a batch of trait village of industry of large family, characteristic mixes the characteristic major with diversity of apparent, type, strong competition ability villages and towns, the characteristic agriculture that makes Jing Bian board piece economy. Energetically development farming by-product is profound treatment, give aid to actively bibcock enterprise, take the approach of ” of farmer of + of base of + of “ bibcock enterprise, advance agricultural industrialization to manage, raise agricultural economic benefits. Aggrandizement antenatal, produce medium, postpartum service, raise agricultural systematism degree and fight risk ability. Accelerate major of construction characteristic produce to trade the market and terminal market, aggrandizement quality awareness and brand consciousness, raise characteristic agriculture to develop a standard.
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