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Agriculture machinery changes a level to promote the commissariat that help stre
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In recent years, take seriously in party and national height below, our country mechanization of farming develops quickly, gross of agriculture machinery equipment grows continuously, main crop cultivates receive mechanization exercise level to rise continuously, to ensure bumper harvest of grain bumper crop, stimulative agriculture and economic society progress made important contribution.

Total motive force of countrywide agriculture machinery achieved 769 million kilowatt 2007, grew 26 % than 2003, large and medium-sized the tractor achieves 2.05 million, combine harvester 630 thousand, paddy rice transplanter achieves 156 thousand, grow 110 than 2003 respectively % , 75 % and 160 % ; Market of sale of each district agriculture machinery holds produce and sale continuously two flourishing posture. The whole nation cultivated 2007 receive integrated mechanization level to achieve 42.5% , increase 9 percent than 2003, the mechanization of farming enters intermediate phase from primary level. Wheaten, paddy, corn in crop of 3 big grain, wheaten mechanization level exceeds 80 % , basically realize mechanization of manufacturing whole process, paddy is harvested and grow insert, corn machine closes wait for technology of weak point mechanization to achieve a breakthrough, promotion application rate is accelerated.

Each district is outstanding had caught crop of important farming season, key, crucial link and food advocate the mechanization production that produces a division, deep pine of big thrust wide soil, precision drilling, chemical fertilizer is applied greatly, section water irrigates, machine of protection cultivation, paddy transplants rice seedlings, corn machine closes, straw smashs return the agriculture machinery such as plant protection of cropland, efficient mechanization to change new technology, drain flooded fields of rush-planting of rush in the harvest of machinery of active organization agriculture, fight a drought, plant diseases and insect pests prevents and cure, large-scale begin agriculture machinery to step district operation, push service of agriculture machinery socialization, raised agricultural put together to close productivity level. Northeast area spreads mechanical difficult loose task, break plough sole through deep loose soil preparation, deepen edaphic agrarian layer, reduce runoff, prevent soil erosion, build ” of baronial “ soil reservoir, increased capacity of drain flooded fields of fight a drought, increase production effect is apparent, every mus of increase production 150 ~ 200 jins. Paddy produces an area to advance paddy machinery actively to transplant rice seedlings, mu all reduce cost 30 yuan, increase production 50 jins of above, and sex of disease-resistant insect pest, resistant to lodging is good. Utilization rate of rice seedling bed of raise rice seedlings raises 8 ~ than groovy raise rice seedlings 10 times. Arid area uses machinery to undertake protection is plowed, executive straw returns Tian Li to use, reduce prediction of a person's luck in a given year of farmland surface soil on average to measure 40% ~ 80% , increase edaphic store water to measure 17% , reduce farm raise dirt to measure 50% above, mu all reduce manufacturing cost 15~30 yuan, grain increase production 5% above.
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