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Advance a country to reform development to quicken pace of overall construction
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Seventeen of the party 3 in plenary meeting in paddy soya bean ripe, melon and fruit waves sweet season victory concluded fall. This conference system reviews the brightness that summed up our country country to reform progress course and valuable experience, united understanding of entire party whole society further, discuss passed " the decision that the Central Committee of Communist Party of China develops a certain number of major problems about advancing a country to reform " , to rural reform is being deepened below new condition, advance construction of socialistic new rural area, drive energetically urban and rural develop as a whole, quicken pace of society of overall construction well-off further, initiate new phase of career of Chinese characteristic socialism to have great and far-reaching sense.

The great career of Chinese reforming and opening begins from the country. Come 30 years, the destiny of Chinese farmer produced tremendous change: Reform earlier fixing of farm output quotas for each household, make with one action of millions upon millions farmer solved problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill; Rural tax expends reform, make the farmer left historicly ” of tax of state of “ emperor grain; And carrying out today fill in order to be versed in farming, take native place with the city, urban and rural the development strategy that plan as a whole, be sure to make millions upon millions farmer arrives from state of income level, life each respect such as enjoyed democratic right produces bigger historic change.

Come 30 years, our party is in the great practice that heads rural reform, serve as jumping-off place in order to improve the condition of the people's livelihood of broad farmer from beginning to end; Develop in order to respect the initiative of the farmer to gain the source momentum of new breakthrough ceaselessly as rural reform from beginning to end; Serve as basic principle in order to guarantee farmer loaves and fishes and democratic right from beginning to end; Reform the long-term orientaton of development in order to build system of socialist market economy as the country from beginning to end; From beginning to end with liberating a thought ceaselessly, advance gradually type drives reform to reform the basic method of development as the country; From beginning to end solve “ 3 farming the Chongzhongzhi that ” problem works as entire party is heavy; From beginning to end as a whole progress of society of urban and rural economy, implementation is urban and rural unifinication regards the strategy as the target. Make our country country is reformed thereby develop as national economy society ceaselessly and deepen ceaselessly, rural development gains brilliant success.

Come 30 years, net income of average per capita of our country farmer by 100 multivariate increase 4100 multivariate, the farmer gives birth to dress warmly and ear one's fill of vivid not be up to sb to decide to implementation whole well-off, striding to comprehensive well-off; The farmland that the state that agricultural production furnishs to be not worth badly from produce develops not to use 7 % of world was satisfied basically occupy world population the meal dresses and economic society develops the impediment of 1.3 billion person of 20% to be to produce on gross and quality increasingly; Social appearance of the country produced the change of world-shaking, the quality of the farmer got very big rise, the social class of the farmer and democratic right get clear improvement. Rural development is changed for national industrialization and city at the same time provided number with 100 million plan cheap labour force, number with one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two plan capital, much raw material and broad market support; More important is, the country is reformed and develop, to build and perfect our country socialism basic economy system and system of socialist market economy had primary level creativity exploration, start Chinese socialism way to succeed, formed system of theory of Chinese characteristic socialism to accumulate valuable experience. Come 30 years, the position that rural reform expands to reform crucial link and economic society to expand strategic base as national economy society and action do not have a change from beginning to end.
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