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Insist to grant to be taken less more put vigor to close to the country reforms
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During reforming and opening comes 30 years, seventeen of the party 3 in plenary meeting is held in Beijing. The conference is discussed through " the decision that the Central Committee of Communist Party of China develops a certain number of major problems about advancing a country to reform " , to the country reform development makes new strategic deploy, will drive a country to reform progress anew historical start sets out, the canto with new compose.

30 years ago, china reforms great undertaking to set sth afoot from the country namely. Come 30 years, our establish contract with the family manage the country that divides union for foundation, all to run a system basically, aroused the manufacturing enthusiasm of the farmer greatly, be liberated greatly and developed rural society productivity, agricultural development crossed long-term shortage level, present the new structure with a balance of gross cardinal principle, superabundant good year; Through reforming produce current system, drove the market to produce fundamental sex effect in resource configuration, those who accelerated other factor of production of produce and country is current; Plan as a whole clearly the strategic train of thought that society of urban and rural economy develops, started the great deploy that builds socialistic new rural area.

The historic choice of reforming and opening and socialism of characteristic of 30 years of China are great practice, those who make Chinese country realized a farmer successfully to live to be not worth overall well-off from dress warmly and ear one's fill is historic span, stepped the historic pace that builds comparatively well-off society in the round. Review rural reform to develop Cheng of 30 single-page calendar, to the country is being pushed below new condition reform develops a sense great. Advance a country to reform progress, the key is in party. A series of 10 seminar of 9 plenary session of the Central Committees, great and decision-making deploy such as a central file, industry feeds back agriculture, city to support country, much grant to be taken less put work, as a whole the urban and rural development policy measure that has bright era feature and development train of thought, clear put down in writing the historical contrail that development of reform of party leader country carries out.

In see 30 years the country is reformed while development is accomplished, also ought to realise soberly, as a whole progress of society of urban and rural economy still faces a lot of problem, gap of income of urban and rural dweller still is expanding, urban and rural and binary structure did not get fundamental change; The situation that agriculture faces the obligation such as the market and resources environment is grim, safety of safeguard country food and pressure of main produce equilibrium of supply and demand increase; The country is basic and common service level still on the low side, etc.

Advance a country to reform progress further, want to continue to insist to grant to take the policy that put work less more, should increase especially grant more strength, accelerate the exploration that put work. Want to pass the investment that increases pair of agriculture, countries, farmer further, improve a farmer to produce living conditions continuously, raise farmer income level. Should contract in existing land the relation keeps stable and the long and changeless, premise that respects farmer desire falls, through gifting the farmer is more sufficient and the land that has safeguard contracts right of administration, be liberated further and develop rural society productivity, accelerate socialistic new rural area to build pace.
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