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CBOT soybean futures market on November 18 Comment: ease concerns about a weak
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Dow Jones reported on November 18, by the weak dollar and China's concerns about the potential ease of tightening monetary policy support, on Thursday CBOT soybean futures market rebounded from early lows closed position. January soybeans opened the main 1231 cents 1245 cents high, low of 1229 cents, 1242 cents, up 37 cents. Speculative funds bought 8,000 soybean contracts at. PFG Best, said analyst Tim Hannagan, by the impact of the financial markets around today, the general rise in commodity futures, soybean futures also rebounded from the lows. Following the previous week after plunging to find some support for soybean futures, as China has the potential risk mitigation regulatory policy, market selling pressure decreased. Previously, the fear of tightening money supply in China may inhibit its growth in demand, soybean prices continued to decline. However, some analysts believe that China's anti-inflationary measures will not undermine the country's demand for imports, because of its meat Consumer level of growth will drive demand for soybeans. Accelerate the weak dollar in early trading soybean futures up, learned the Irish aid package will be accepted, leading investors to sell dollars. Strong export demand potential of soybean also added disk Liduo Ji stressed that the United States Department of Agriculture reported this morning, weekly soybean export sales data close to the previously estimated range of the market along. Deadline Nov. 11, the week to a net export sales of soybean Sales potential is 1,175,500 tons, in line with previous market forecasts of 70 million -120 million range. The main buyers in China and imported 947,500 tons. Days after soybean prices held firm, but considering the trend of the previous week, turbulent, active traders push prices still relatively cautious. Some analysts believe that part of the Fund may still need an additional reduction of more than one, especially at the end of the remainder, no more government report many accidents can bring any interest.