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Outside intermediary evaluates seventeen actively 3 in reform of plenary meeting
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Beijing of Xinhua News Agency integrated Xinhua News Agency was stationed in report on October 14 outside reporter report: Chinese Communist the 3rd times the plenary session is in the seventeenth Central Committee 12 days through " the decision that the Central Committee of Communist Party of China develops a certain number of major problems about advancing a country to reform " hind conclude, abroad media gives to this positive assessment, think this is to aim to increase the farmer income, historic decision that accelerates rural economics development.

The United States " new York Times " publish an article 13 days to say, of this one decision in recent years through starting China a the most important economy is reformed. The article says, the economic reform since 1978 makes Chinese city benefits a lot, but a rural area develops opposite lag. New policy rises the economy that drives by the market in rural stimulation, narrow thereby urban and rural difference.

Singapore " associated morning paper " publish a problem 14 days to be " the Chinese country of new period is reformed " company exposition and argumentation, the policy certainly will that land freedom is on the move is driven new reform of round of country, it is contractible and urban and rural reach difference of the rich and the poor, seek a society one of ways of balanced development.

Australia " Sydney pioneer morning paper " say, the policy “ that Chinese leader rolls out with respect to rural economics growth should be in last few years the throughout the country's biggest economy reforms ” .

" Australian person signs up for " publish editorial to comment on an article to say, reform will increase agriculture to yield, the addition of agricultural income also can spur domestic goods demand, can make Chinese economy better avoid is current the influence of international economy environment.

" Australian finance comments on a newspaper " say in a lengthy report, this one decision is the turning point ” that “ China rural economics reforms.

Venezuela " the universe signs up for " publish an article 13 days to say, china passed historic country to reform scheme, the economic income that aims to improve 700 million much rural population and improve productivity, and be below the setting of world banking crisis develop home market.

" the countryman signs up for " the problem is " China rolls out main rural area to reform " article of reporter of engage by special arrangement says, the ” of “ fundamental reform that China prepares to undertake will develop generation “ profundity to affect ” to the country.

Mongolia country " human rights signs up for " the website publishs an article 14 days to say, china heads a development that takes agriculture seriously very, china will offer development opportunity for Chinese farmer in the new move of agricultural respect, make Chinese country enters well-off.
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