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Grain production calls plant protection to specialization prevention and cure
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“ resembles Heilongjiang province, plant diseases and insect pests does not happen to stop, happening is 5000~7000 10 thousand mus, must make drug inside 5 days. Did not specialization team of prevention and cure is not prevented at all. ”10 month 8 days, the Ministry of Agriculture cultivated industry government department to hold plant protection to specialization in Beijing informal discussion of prevention and cure, heilongjiang saves this word of Chen Jiguang of plant protection stationmaster, let come from 12 commissariat advocate the plant protection delegate that produces a province nods again and again.

Current, our country agriculture is managed dispersedly, farmer a level of a prevention and cure is low, control ill bug effectively to endanger hard, had become a of food safety major secret worry.

Food safety and produce quality cannot leave to specialization prevention and cure

Our country is crop evil living things produces one of heavier countries, produce an area to be in all the year round 60~70 100 million mus second, especially the paddy “ of grain crop is pest of two change ” , wheaten the bug of serious a serious illness such as stripe rust, locust, produce range wide, eruptive sex strong, transmission fast, harm is serious. At present the ill bug of each district is prevented accuse much or with the farmer dispersive prevention and cure gives priority to sheet door, often this ground makes drug, insect flies to that ground; That ground makes drug, insect flies again, not only effect difference, efficiency is low, and raise cost of prevention and cure. More once break out great plant diseases and insect pests does is once how break out great plant diseases and insect pests does,those who make a person careladen? Locust is for instance eruptive, in a few days short in time must organize a large number of manpower quickly to center “ firepower ” to destroy at the same time locust, otherwise locust took off everything is late. With us at present single home alone door state of ill bug prevention and cure, how many farmer does bring into play? Can they prevent and cure again much large area? These problems let enter the center of a lot of plant protection of the meeting was worried in the hand. Be prepared for danger in times of safety, build to specialization the necessary step that team of prevention and cure is safety of safeguard country food, also be a when at present plant protection works main task.

Why plant protection specializations requirement of prevention and cure is more and more pressing, this also transfers be closely bound up of this big setting with rural labor. At present aged, woman changes rural producer to be highlighted with each passing day, and plant protection job is ill bug demand of itself of technology of prevention and cure is higher; 2 it is to involve pesticide data of this one special production, it is undeserved and easy to use cause a harm; The 3 sparge appliance that are dozen of medicine and water, medicine add up heft a few jins, labor strength is very great. And advance plant protection to specialization prevention and cure already the outstanding problem that can better land solves the existence in current agriculture production, provide timely and active service for the farmer, it is a beneficial exploration that widens agriculture produces service field.
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