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Xinhua fire: 10 years later it is today China Basketball Football
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2010, the Ministry of Public Security of China, the world of football "fake gambling black" issue a thorough investigation, at the same time, the Chinese basketball is in a period of great development, 10 will start the new season so that people CBA League is concerned, the increase in momentum of the fierce surprising. Well, the Chinese Basketball Football will repeat the mistake, how Chinese people think their basketball development, how to avoid the risk of the development process or, more directly, asking, CBA will be the next super you With these questions, Xinhua News Agency reporters Ji Tong and Cai Fangliao management of China's basketball officials, club officials, coaches and players, and some experts and scholars on this issue to the interpretation of a deep level. Xinhua Beijing Sports December 9 (Xinhuanet single tree Lei Wen Jia Wenjun) Chinese basketball in 2010, and 2001, football, turned out to be so similar! Whether gorgeous appearance, or hidden problems. In 2001, China's soccer coach at the Magic led by Milou entered the 2002 World Cup finals, to achieve historic breakthrough in China's soccer team in the international arena the crowning achievement so far is still unprecedented. At that time football's Fan Zhiyi, Hao Haidong, Sun Jihai, Li Jinyu, etc. is well-known star, but also China's most popular sports stars. Women were also the world one of the best teams in the 1999 Women's World Cup runner-up, but also to women's football became the most talked about women's national team. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games men's basketball received the eighth, fourth in women's basketball, the Chinese basketball entered the golden period of development. The past two years although there are ups and downs, but the Asian Games in Guangzhou, both men and women's basketball championship, once again pushed to the three ball basketball leader position. Yao Ming is undoubtedly the most famous contemporary sports star, Yi Jianlian, Wang, Zhu Fangyu and other basketball stars Kunitari fame as star of the year. Football League 10 years ago is the most professional league, major league title in 1997 reached $ 10,000,000 cost of the contract period is five years, this record still no project can be broken. By 2010, with 19 sponsors CBA League is to promote the company Infront CBA each year to provide $ 6,500,000 to the cost. 2009-2010 CBA league television audience of 4 million passengers, while the November 2010 Asian Games basketball final game of TV viewers to 1.2 million passengers. CBA indisputably become the first "money" in the league. Shrewd businessman in Guangdong which is so "bright" in the relatively prosperous period of Chinese football, Guangdong account for almost a third of the site A a B; and 2010, CBA and National Basketball League (NBL) have 17 clubs, a total of six teams of Guangdong, and if A plus B basketball league, "Guangdong to help" even the huge forces. This illustrates one aspect of basketball is now booming, after all, a shrewd businessman would not take the money to go bad deal. Everything is so beautiful, despite the problem not been solved during the period, but in the achievements and the rising trend of the cover, the issues have been magnificent to "ignore" the. China's basketball and football these two projects in China is the sports most "professional" league of their fundamental, if at all a problem, they will naturally "seriously ill", and even affect the whole. But in the current league, similar problems have existed. Even say, football then problems are encountered in basketball now. How do young people develop the club in the interview, a basketball insiders admit that they invested millions of dollars a year the club building in the echelon, which has been considered among the best in the country, and they are youth teams in the country one of the best of . "Can say with certainty that China does not have a youth club in investment over eight million yuan (one year)", and some simply can not start echelon team, but also bought a first team in practice on the open stage Chinese basketball team this circle (including the CBA, NBL, and a B) is absolutely more than one. This 10 years ago, football is like that. Foreign aid and the star players do in the CBA, the foreign aid has played an increasingly critical role, including Steve Francis, Marbury and other big-name former NBA all have joined the millions of dollars in annual salary level is not new, foreign aid has been skyrocketing salaries , has become one of the club's largest expenditure, investment in this, and team building in sharp contrast; the same time, foreign aid free-for-club, or even "a woman promised two" things that the club pay arrears of foreign aid are common. In addition, the national team star's worth of increasingly high. Means in the various operations under the salary limit that has already become a dead letter. This 10-year-old Chinese football is exactly the same. In the league's management, the Chinese basketball has also encountered a phoenix aluminum case, Red River events and other disputes, how to control the league, the Chinese Basketball Association and the Chinese Football Association as a headache. Investors, local governments and the enthusiasm of the fans growing league, the club is easy to add new team owners and the situation has become increasingly frequent. These conditions are like most of the heyday of Chinese football. The parties to the CBA league with the increase in attention on the referee's law enforcement becoming more demanding, the more harsh. League had to spend more than half of the energy to deal with referees, but the voice of doubt is more intense. The industry is obviously not in the score for several games have clear understanding of the normal breast, but it is difficult to speak. Is this not a sign of the year What Football The most terrible is that gambling does not seem to "ignore" Chinese basketball. Offshore betting companies involved in the league, gradually opening to competition was normalized, the gaming companies in various ways to increase the league's influence; in coastal areas, between watching the game and private gambling often became entangled. Although compared and football, basketball's "plate" is not great. ... ... 10 years, a short period of 10 years, as witnesses of this history, seeing him the Zhulou, seeing his dinner guests, watched his building collapsed, an instant from the zenith to the Chinese football very bad. These 10 years ago, Chinese football does not tackle the problem, and ultimately lead to disaster. Now the Chinese basketball, but also is in the cooking oil fire, flowers with Kam of peace and prosperity, also encountered these problems. 10 years later, they will become another Chinese football. This is a fellow foot basket - China's flourishing threats I Basketball II Xinhua Beijing Sports December 9 (Xinhuanet single tree Lei Wen Li Zheng) the development of football and basketball similarity is no accident, the same managers and management model, similar to the "occupation" of the rules, making both in the development process presented similar stage. Professional football is the first implementation of the reform of the sport, it is the first to eat crab and initially was a great success. From 1994 to 2002, China entered the World Cup soccer finals, Chinese football can be said to fame and fortune, with the leaders in sports style. Football success as sports role models, then launched the basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess and other projects of the League, Football League are to emulate the operation and promotion of model, from the organizational structure, schedule This brings an inevitable question is, problems in the football league, naturally inherited by the other league. Basketball is no exception, despite the NBA's first basketball league in the world, but in many ways, CBA is not the NBA league learning management system and mode of operation. Prior to its establishment in 1997 CBA, CBA league has made some achievements, the basic solution under the Bureau of the local professional sports team's survival. But as the football industry in 2002 reached the peak of the other projects are subject to compression space professional basketball in 2003 also had a new reform. Li Yuanwei former CBA Director of brewing in 2004, the "North Star Plan" put forward some new ideas, but the overall pattern of reform basketball still has a deep shadow of football. First, the reform in any case, all items are the same authorities, are under the management of the State Sports General Administration of center and center of each project with the Association is a unit linked to two brands. From basketball, CBA clubs in the Chinese Basketball Association, although the call for competition, but the actual management or control by the management center of basketball, but the major league club matters on the lack of decision-making power. Basketball in 2003, the situation of reform, improved slightly after the establishment of the league committee, but the core content, and no substantive change. This approach led directly to the Administrative and the inevitable conflict between professional: Who is responsible for what is important Operational aspects of the event followed exactly the same. The earliest implementation of the system home and away football, the competition system is widely used. Into professional football after the referee under the planning system is still the batch of referees, players are from the previous local professional team to re-direct packets of the layer of shell appearance. From top to bottom just changed the name of the first, the content is a product of the planning system. Basketball is completely copied this model. Football first to introduce foreign aid, and foreign aid was a lot of restrictions, basketball did the same. So down, put on a professional coat, the referee management, player management and other aspects of the core is still difficult to change, all kinds of awkward spontaneously. The third model is the consistency of marketing. The first football league title with the club title, sponsorship and other commercial promotion activities. Basketball is no exception, but also learn the appearance of football Ford Bowes set up the basket company, responsible for the care of the promotion of league affairs. But the White Li Yuanwei situation changed after the CBA, CBA, and the promotion of the national team right infront was subcontracted to a company do to avoid the CBA both managers and operators to do. Basketball sector be aware of the shortcomings of marketing, made some adjustments, but the overall pattern is still not able to jump out of the original foundation, joint league has not produced in China, who make money are the pen nobody knows for sure how cents. And that also makes a major professional sports features - the pursuit of interests can not be achieved. In China, both the football club or a basketball club, are very difficult to form their own balanced main business, let alone a profit. So, some disk will be used outside the move naturally. And specific to each club's management details, whether it is the Chinese Football Association, or CBA, the binding of the League clubs are very small. Xinhua News Agency reporters Zai Caifang and Zhong Tichu this issue, was interviewed said it directly, Basketball Club, their financial, institutional and so difficult to have a direct constraints. In other words, if you move outside the club with some disk, it is difficult to do something about Basketball, often only major issues to minor ones without. Access system is just one aspect, who is watching, how a problem constraints, these problems are difficult to solve. Some even have paper, but will be limited to paper, can not be implemented. Chinese basketball's self-redemption - the threats I of the Third Golden Age of basketball Xinhua Beijing Sports December 9 (Xinhuanet single tree Lei Wen Wang Haofei) In fact, in the interview, the reporter found, basketball circles who is no stranger to this subject, it is not taboo. They also take various measures to avoid the pitfalls. For future development, was interviewed have different judgments. History shows that almost the same with the football to basketball development strategy, its the same problem also exists. Offshore gambling companies, opening the case to the CBA in the Chinese Basketball Association had to be confirmed, rejected the 2007 Basketball Association of Macau Venetian gaming company background acquired Shaanxi team's request. Unfair Never have strong evidence, but the CBA over two seasons before the referee on the establishment of the Arbitration Commission, the enforcement of each game to supervise. Early November of this year's referee training course held in Ningbo, the CBA as Director of the letter made blue basketball referee memory in particular about food and drink wear, do not attach importance to service learning issues that have an internal common in football. CBA declined to be named a club official said, in fact, "fake gambling black" already exists in basketball. The reason why football is not developed to the extent that, simply because there is no football then basketball has so much influence, the amount involved is small, less personnel. But if you do not take measures as soon as possible, and continue to increase market appeal of basketball, then can become the next basketball football. "I can only guarantee that, but if the economic interests of large (and no strict control measures), it is difficult to control," the club source said. Li Jinsheng, deputy director of CBA, said: "We never thought basketball football the same problem does not appear, on the contrary every day we feel a sense of crisis. As long as they enter the market, any sport will face the 'fake gambling black', economic bankruptcy The core value deficit. General requirements for basketball has never been 'be prepared', but 'home perilous crisis', the edge of basketball is in crisis, not as there will be dangerous. " Before the start of the new season, CBA conducted two nationwide referee exam and ideological work and a judge training session, all the content related to anti-corruption. All the reforms proposed by the 2010-2011 season, the most important thing is pay close attention to the games race discipline, strike hard "fake gambling black." League disciplinary provisions, to "fixing", "Duqiu", "tacit ball" had direct description, the minimum punishes disqualified from registration for 2 years -5 years, involving the direct transfer of the judicial authority law. CBA Bai Xilin head competition, said: "We used to work on the referee evaluation is more general, and the new season we will take specific measures to quantify the referee, who will be fraud who carefully reasoned, at a glance." White Hei Lin said measure is the technical representative of each game, each referee will be fined for each record, such records for the professionals who have a good supervisory role. Both CBA and the referee's work unit signed an agreement to constrain judges of law enforcement. To each referee will also send a letter home to encourage family and friends together to maintain the impartiality of the league. Companies in the basket this season, the reception is responsible for all judges, except the referee during the game outside the club there is no opportunity to contact, and strive to maximize the fairness to the referee. The basket, general manager, a former national team leader Xue Yunfei said: "In the past there have been judges reception travel agency, local sports bureau, the effect is not ideal. This season we separate the four individual full-time special charge of the referee's welcome to send to work, to support the CBA's sweeping gambling crackdown. " Similarly, in the club level, the reporter also saw China's CBA team is also working to professional, formalized. Many more attention to their own club team building, personnel training in basketball, and a club are very optimistic that China simply does not lack of basketball talent, but lack of a make fertile ground for these people, if there is sufficient training mechanism, sufficient to meet more people of Chinese basketball club needs. The team building coaching, club management, in the present the past few years, the overall conditions are still relatively optimistic. The players, the more and more players and more attention to the overall value of the expression itself, not just short-term financial effects. This regard, Yao Ming to do a very good role model, the "Chinese exports to the United States the highest value product" a sense has become a public idol. It can be seen, the Chinese basketball has indeed been working, but must consider is how the specific effects of these measures. Meanwhile, the basketball itself, for itself how to develop professional sports, the Chinese Basketball Association need to have a long-term implementation strategy, and resolute efforts. Now these measures seemed to be somewhat fragmented. As Vice President of Jiangxi University of Finance Yi Jian Dong accepted Xinhua News Agency reporters Cai Fangshi and Biao Shude, as China's development momentum is not to develop professional sports market, but to improve the team's competitive level. The world is not a professional sports from the beginning is the motivation. Management office, regardless of the system, and the competent authorities of the race and sports stars to the monopoly of resources, so "we called the professional league, in fact, is not a professional league." Can football from the source to stop the tragedy to repeat itself in basketball, how to evolve a sound system itself is still the Chinese Basketball must now resolve.