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Rural reform should have been done " put work " article
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Review the way that rural reform takes 30 years, the author thinks to deepen rural reform to must put the make an issue of on vivid ” in “ further, only such ability advance rural economics ceaselessly good rapid development, achieve the goal of rural comprehensive well-off.

The country reforms the main difficult problem that face. Rural society develops lag, urban and rural difference is pulled big. But from tell on the whole, put in very big difference than returning with urban photograph. It is dweller income gap. Town dweller average per capita can control income and net income of farmer average per capita 2007 than achieving 3.33 ∶ 1, since be reform of gap of income of urban and rural dweller most. 2 it is difference of urban and rural education. 2006, the high school student is unripe all funds country makes an appointment with 250 yuan, the city makes an appointment with 1070 yuan, the country is urban 1/4 only; Pupil is unripe all funds country 190 yuan, the city makes an appointment with 500 yuan, 40% of rural insufficient city. Town dweller suffers educational degree on average to be in 11 years, compare farmer tower above 3.2 years. 3 it is social security difference. Current, town dweller attends one of insurance of endowment insurance, medical treatment, inductrial injury insurance, unemployed insurance at least. And construction of system of rural social security just just starts, majority farmer just joins medical treatment of rural new-style collaboration, few number farmer just enjoyed safeguard of rural lowest life and endowment insurance policy.

Rural economics instability, development aftereffect is insufficient. Our country “ 3 farming ” problem is formed long already, long-standing abuse is deep already, the condition with devoted inadequacy, weak foundation does not have fundamental change, rural economics society develops the situation of apparent lag to did not change at all, the deep administrative levels that restricts agriculture and rural development contradicts and did not eliminate, especially after rural tax expends reform, rural hidden contradiction and problem are shown stage by stage.

Rural factor of production is poured out of serious, resource optimizes configuration difficulty to increase. Rural factor of production, basically include person, capital, land to wait. It is labour force above all. As rural labor move is accelerated, the labour force quality that is engaged in agricultural production shows downtrend on the whole. Save the farmer of countryside soil, average age is in 45 years old of above, and give priority to with the woman, culture quality is relatively inferior. It is land next. The course that advances quickly is changed in industrialized, town in, rural farmland is many prediction of a person's luck in a given year. According to data of Ministry of Agriculture, 1996-2006, rural farmland reduces 124 million mus completely, level of farmland of average per capita fell 1.38 mus, 40% what be equivalent to world average level only. 3 it is capital problem. Current, rural finance orgnaization is sucked with be in a country store give priority to, credit is complementary, bring rural fund to flow into a city in great quantities from this, the phenomenon with rural bad loan is apparent with each passing day.
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