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Everybody talks food safety
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This kind of expression of qualitative check branch, it is style floats actually, not solid, regard the cry of common people as the wind other ear, chinese ancient time call his “ empty ” , history of this kind of defect is long it is thus clear that. In market economy at the beginning of in a blundering atmosphere, this also is the defect that a few people, a few branches appear easily. Below the situation that produces profound change in condition of current generation situation, national condition, party, undertake knowledge is updated not in time, plus bureaucratism, blundering style, inevitable meeting occurrence error and mistake. Qualitative check branch is such, actually, concerned branch also should draw a lesson from which, think over seriously, avoid follow the same old disastrous road.

Wang Jingping

Food safety is legislative should good 3 close

" law of safety of food of People's Republic of China (draft) " discuss twice when had passed standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress. Look in me, food safety legislation must accept the ternary test of incident of poisonous milk powder.

Above all, shut the production of good food safety. Current, production of our country mutual food processes a business 448 thousand. Food produces an enterprise to want to develop the consciousness of person of responsibility of food safety first, shut production of —— of defense line of line of good food safety first. Incident of poisonous milk powder tells us, the food of our country produces an enterprise to did not load a food to produce safe liability far. How to pass legislation, make food production company firm establish safe and consummate concept, this is the issue that food safety legislation must want to solve above all apparently.

Next, close the superintendency of good food safety. National function branch wants the 2nd line of defence of a good food safety. From the point of incident of poisonous milk powder, 22 enterprises produce poisonous milk powder to be not temporarily, broad baby suffers the calamity of poisonous milk powder to also be not a day, why can be you superintended all the time sectional disclosure, investigate? This can explain safety of our country food is superintended only appeared serious problem. Then, food safety legislation ought to consider how to build an effective food safety to superintend a mechanism daily, let food safety problem be able to discover in time; How pass law punish severely, make those departments that have superintendency responsibility and official cogent assume a responsibility.

The 3rd, concern the compensation of good food safety. How is customer reimbursed after food safety accident happens, the compensation of the person that offset of our country law is expended spends on the low side with relief forehead. Although " (draft) " the liability to pay compensation that added pair of customer, stipulate food operator perhaps sells insecure food really with pretend to be, outside eliminating the loss that recoups consumer, consumer still can ask its pay the compensation of 10 times. But apparent, to enterprise and businessman, compensation is too low. How to raise the liability to pay compensation to consumer, it is another when food safety law must consider serious problem.
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