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Is buying ice cream for what look?
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Cheating ox, Yi Li liquid state grandma is high-key during returning city, on October 8 towards evening, the supermarket such as the island of the auspicious inside Guangzhou city is urgent next ice cream products that wore afore-mentioned two old brands. The reporter produces manufacturer to be in understanding to arrive from Meng Niu, meng Niu asks supermarket recall banner leaves product of all ice cream this, because want to unite,be change new pack. (" information times " on October 9 message)

Wear below commodity, this is a business that allows many enterprises to headache really. Besides because the product is put badly,be besides quality problem, delicacy has see next urgent because of other reason wearing commodity, break the businessman of fascia oneself. And for the domestic businessman that is life to inspecting money not less, although the product gave quality issue, also can going back on his word to be able to sell is, wear below won't active demand absolutely until the last moment. Well-known is milk powder of recipe of 3 deer infant, be in early detected on August 1 in giving a product, contain 3 get together cyanogen amine, but all the time secret and not announce, sell was come out by media disclose on September 12 till, ability must collect a hand. But because,this kind is not of quality problem next urgent wearing Meng Niu ice cream produces business to accomplish, and reason is extremely simple, unite for “ namely change the new ” that pack. Look in us, although this reason is unavoidable some are funny.

I wait for excuse me gramineous civilian is fatheaded, scientific knowledge is defective, so a problem always is brandish of hover side side do not go. In our impression, a few dried foods kind product expiration period is comparative and longer, change case pack it is easy also to come, but the ice cream that does not know bright grandma is made namely, had placed goods shelves through be like artery working procedure, be called in again come out in order to be like artery program repackage, relapse so after do sth over and over again comes out, quality is returned can reassurance, perhaps say, can you still make ice cream again? Although reclaim,I think after repackage, coming out still is the appearance of ice cream, but the person that I consider to courage buys edible is transcendental and free from vulgarity and extraordinary person certainly.

The key of the problem is, what is buying ice cream after all to buy? Not be goofy know, what buy of course is ice cream itself, and the wrapping paper that is not multicoloured to pass chemical be contaminated. So everybody buys ice cream I think the basiccest desire nothing more than it is to sell already goluptious safe ice cream, and not be to pursue good-looking absolutely. In fact, look with respect to outer packing, the ice cream that had appeared on the market, can sell so long, I think outer packing is absolutely also unapt disgusting to the room for action that allowed a person to see ice cream of not feel like eating, since such, so why does the businessman want new melt down to be packed again? The exterior that packs apparently is not the key of the problem, the problem has two to plant only likelihood, one kind is problem of quality of existence of ice cream itself, the 2 outer packing that are ice cream are put in safe problem.
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