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Milkings examination is urgent upgrade to also answer urgent answer doubt
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Examination of national dairy products upgrades suddenly: Department of Commerce, industrial and commercial the 6 branches such as total bureau, qualitative inspect total bureau allot urgent announcement jointly, ask the milk powder of all production before September 14 and liquid state are suckled, no matter brand, batch, fall entirely instantly frame stop to sell, wait for 6 branches to be released jointly by Ministry of Public Health entirely 3 get together cyanogen amine manages set limit to to be worth a standard to undertake examining temporarily. Accord with set limit to to be worth a regulation via examining, just can go up afresh a sale.

12 days just are “ ” of incident of 3 deer milk powder is rectified by exposure in January when. Before this, as ask to problem milk powder and product liability person duty processing, of relevant code and standard come on stage, milk powder incident is like already entered end. Be in however right now, come from 6 branches together, with ” of form of “ extra urgent direct hair is gone to retail terminal, use in expression include “ must, instantly, all ” ” of these urgent without the “ of words of any room for manoeuvre announcement, equipment letting a person feels accident, also feel interrogative fully. Why such?

If be to stem from only to what come on stage several days ago 3 get together to be carried out compulsively of standard of value of cyanogen amine set limit to, ” of “ urgent announcement need not need completely evasive. But besides, the ” of “ urgent announcement that sift country pledges the 6 branches such as check total bureau are released, did not become specific explanation to carrying out arrange of this with one action however, just write in begin, “ according to the State Council is standing on October 6 conference spirit, to ensure dairy produce quality is safe, put an end to the harm of problem product, classics research, the decision is begun instantly to all dairy produce clear thoroughly in the round examination ” in order to explain. The author believes firmly, make this one unusual move with 6 force, it is the manner that health of life of the person that be based on offset to expend is in charge of highly surely.

But lift very much, have surely special because of. Between January, wear below making is by no means first time, the national examination that meantime still had all sorts of severity for many times and selective examination, the heart that the public hangs high already was put down slowly. The unusual move that this time comes suddenly, cannot appear to act for a kind only result, still must have corresponding explanation and specification, can make the public is in only otherwise spellbound in “ upgrades ” panicky mood. Want to know, last time next wearing make just ask to be detected to go out contain 3 get together wear below the milk products of cyanogen amine, did not detect to the others the product that gives an issue did not make a demand. If, next this wearing making is wear made complement and follow-up to falling last, so what does it mean self-evident already, criterion the “ of meantime consumer buys ” behavior how to many have by accident, whether be harmed? What to take to come again does fill arrive from milk powder accident is present information blank?
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