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Have feeling avoid check no longer at food
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In our life, always have such and such privilege, even if is a product such thing, also cannot help following conventions, formed “ check ” and “ to exempt the branch of check ” . But on September 8, allot as what the country does an announcement, in all previous classics after nearly 9 year, our “ food quality avoids check system ” to go to the end eventually. Undoubted, this is a great good work, be deep popular good decision. But depend on the author see, only “ food avoids check ” no longer insufficient still.

We have " product quality standard " , but all over read, without quality of alleged “ product the ” that avoid check says, and have a plenty of regulation of proclaimed in writing: Fan Na enters the product that the country examines, involve person and life security, have those who examine is necessary.

We are clear about a brand especially the glamour of famous brand, also believe a brand especially the quality of famous brand is stabler, more reliable, but this can explain only, the quality reliability of brand product, famous brand product is higher, reliable rate is older, and cannot ensure its quality does not give an issue accordingly.

We know “ avoids check product ”“ to avoid check food ” what to mean, that is ” of “ sword of high power affirm and assure of quality to its, can thereby is wide and accuse, occupational market. But what “ avoids check ” is concessionary, also be influence search hire provided a space?

We still know, qualitative check itself does not allow to collect fees, the obligation that must fulfil however. So, executive “ avoids the essence of check ” system, it is qualitative check branch gifts to law and government of duty abandon, it is the “ that covert does not walk on ” of not duty, responsible, nonfeasance.

Visible, itself of the system that avoid check is to violate " product quality standard " of the regulation, and gift the prerogative that a few brands, famous brand avoids check ” with “ , let “ avoid check ” to make a ring of light, be suspected of unfair competition not only, risk of marry again product, it is inequitable to congener product, not responsible to consumer, and, qualitative check branch escapes hard of duty of enlarge influence, shirk disrelish. In the meantime, also devoting oneself to “ to make responsibility government, perfect administration ask with us duty make ” run in the opposite direction.

So, the author is in be unable to bear or endure to avoid check no longer for “ food while ” applauds, also product of “ of expectation of from the bottom of one's heart avoids check ” no longer early a day of arrival. Reason still has, the product that is us includes food to have an accident time and again, we do not have reason, do not have more necessary, always be “ lets consumer assume product risk, let a government assume compensatory risk ” , such monstrous absurdity should rest early!
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