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The tycoon that suckle course of study " poison of the cure that blow bone "
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Chinese milk industry appears the crisis nowadays, it is the contention to suckling a source greatly, and the mainest person that contend for is Yili of —— of prairie Shuang Xiong and Meng Niu. Build the market first, reconstructive factory, it is “ wants the market even, the way that does not want grass ” is in whole industry already was common phenomenon, the collective that is whole industry is degenerate the industry whole crisis that caused 3 deer incident to cause.

Meng Niu cried, yi Li is urgent

Zhao far flower cried.

On October 8 CCTV " dialog " program " the sincere letter of milk " transcribe spot, industry of milk of Inner Mongolia unconscious ox (group) flower of Zhao Yuan of Inc. sale vice-president weeps on the spot. Why do I meet “ excited? Meng Niu walks over a few this years, very painstaking, very complex also, feel to I am sorry everybody, did so eventful favour, still have err. ” Zhao Yuan spends the query that the reason that weep is a media delegate: The pace that we grow “ does not match with his actual strength, and don't this kind match cause did labor pains appear among development today? ”“9 month after incident of 11 days of 3 deer, we established group of crisis public relations immediately, but too hopeful still to the problem. ” Zhao Yuan is beautiful to south the reporter says on the weekend.

Meng Niu's sale began to be affected on September 19, restore only so far 80% before September 19, according to before Meng Niu everyday near 100 million yuan sale computation, meng Niu wants a loss everyday nearly 20 million yuan.

The Yi Li that regards a prairie as one of Shuangxiong inflicts heavy losses on likewise.

Yi Li saves firm in Henan only then agency Zhu Huazhen of the county, constant time manage sells Yi Li to actor or actress acerbity breast and Yi benefit milk powder. “ Yi Li has 35 sheet to taste send check, among them only a sheet is tasted contain 3 get together the composition of cyanogen amine, and content is very low, but make sale of milk powder of whole Yi benefit got be affected in the round however. ” Zhu Huazhen to south the reporter says on the weekend.

Zhu Huazhen says, after 3 deer incident, flying crane milk powder hopes she can act as agent flying crane brand, but the contract regulation that this violated she and Yi Li to sign, can helplessly loss of sit by and watch.

Current, the Yi Lichun milk that Zhu Huazhen acts as agent, had been in storehouse keep long in stock five yuan goods. The breakfast grandma that still has two yuan and milk of golden standard card had spread money in the market, but the demand returning money that sells business by each district cent.

Do greatly inside limits of unconscious ox whole nation buy send pressure of activity of one sales promotion, on October 6, agency of in relief area of Yi interest letter summons firm issueing administer only then the local agency such as the county attends a meeting, requirement agency also is used buy send the kind of one as soon as possible shipment reclaims cash flows. Into valence the pure milk of 50 yuan of one box sells 60 yuan so, be equivalent to selling with 30 yuan low after sales promotion piece.
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