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3 deer incident highlights an enterprise to standardize soft costal region
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Those who deserve attention is, doctor of soup benefit worker is in when discussing standardization to develop a sense to enterprise, industry, also mention all the more, incident of 3 deer milk powder, just reflected the weak point that Chinese enterprise standardizes.

He points out, in fact, in 3 get together before cyanogen amine, industry of our country milk has exploded the scandal that the chemical combination substance such as urea added in giving powdered milk, and with 3 get together cyanogen amine is same, its purpose is the protein content in raising milk powder. Because,this is, although our country published the index level of protein content in the food such as milk powder, did not release accordingly however detect technical standard serves as form a complete set. Enterprise and superintendency orgnaization is general with “ triumphant family name decides what azotic law ” regards food as protein content to examine method, this method can measure content giving nitrogen only, right however among them ” of “ bogus albumen cannot be discriminated effectively, consequently cannot from go up at all the is measured into nitrogen of other Gao Han by mix into compound in avoiding food is qualitative.

Accordingly, labour appeals Shang Hui, no matter be from the normative market order, angle that still reduces innovation of enterprise of food industry risk, protection, the country should be built as soon as possible, perfect and relevant protein content monitors a level. The standard system of tight system also will be the safe system that protects enterprise innovation, blow to violate crime.