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Everybody talks food safety
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Sun Ruizhuo

The country avoids check to should exit quality arena

As market environment complex with each passing day what compete with the enterprise is intense, the country avoided check product to become the assistant ” of “ safe accident time and again, the oil of edible of golden dragon fish with the bright milk industry that the metamorphism that tick off add suckles, unqualified salad oil, it is the country avoids check product. Good system became the port ” of “ food bomb, make masses ceaseless oppugn with its, those who be inferior to be practical and realistic cancel.

The first, the doorsill that the country avoids check is too low. Press a regulation, supervisory branch of technology of quality of country or province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government is successive 3 times above selectives examination eligible product, can be the product that avoid check certainly. The issue closes innumberable families food to detect safely big question, supervisory branch of local quality technology can have authority warning on behalf of the country, detect and nuclear hair, quality problem became the bagatelle ” of “ get sth done once and for ever; “ country avoided check ” to become “ to superintend jackstraw ” , lost due authority and awe function.

The 2nd, the country avoided check to surmount legal volition. According to the concerned regulation of standard of quality of our country product, every involves person and the product with safe belongings, want to bring into the limits that the country examines. Execute to the food such as 3 deer milk powder avoid check, be equal to qualitative check branch with one's eyes open.

The 3rd, blurred food is chased after safely duty and ask duty chain. Our system that avoid check is with the government credit is made assure, assure main body is general, empty, ambiguous, branch of class of provincial, ministry can represent a state, county, countryside service also is national volition is outspread. When giving an issue, it is the person that the country executes the law, but once gave an issue, which one class should find out after all the direct responsibility of service? The responsibility that lacks accurate clarity decides, the responsibility heart that creates various superintendency department and enthusiasm are not quite strong. So, should cancel a country to dismiss check title, in letting product quality fulfil specific and accurate administration superintend, had specific superintendency person, who gave an issue, who assumes responsibility.

Actually, it is to feed moral course of study to be put in afore-mentioned problems not just, the industry waits in wholesome, medicine, service, meal, put in “ country to avoid check the phenomenon of insufficient boom ” . Accordingly, the country avoids check stop limits to should popularize all production industry and business, of the oldest rate fulfil “ to let regular guard produce quality ” , put an end to this kind of safe tragedy.
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