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Hind " 3 deer incident " development of times milk estate faces 3 big predicamen
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3 deer of “ incident ” already went gradually gradually far, but the expert thinks, link of the production that restricts the health that suckle course of study to develop currently, treatment, sale still is faced with 3 big contradiction, how from the break out of an encirclement in these predicament, become the key that the future that suckle course of study develops.

Manufacturing segment: Raw material suckles the price to suffer double extruding state to still was not turned round at all

China suckles Liu Chengguo of trade association director to think, current, our country suckles estate market raw material to suckle the price to suffer double extruding

the state did not get be turninged round at all. In antenatal, near future corn, beans dregses of rice wait for concentrated feed price to be shown all the time rise trend. Corn price was 1780 yuan first half of the year 2008 / ton, than last year the corresponding period rose 9.2% ; The beans dregses of rice the price is 4500 yuan / ton, than last year the corresponding period rises 68.16% . Be in postpartum, profit of milkings treatment company is small, appear even deficit. At present raw material suckles the price to already had the sign of fall after a rise, individual product has the symptom of a trend of excessive sales promotion again on the market.

China is suckled assist in to Heilongjiang 100 benefit Bao Chunniu suckles some milkings enterprise the discovery when production is investigated, factory price of pure milk of 100 benefit package is every kilogram 4.982 yuan, than going up year of the corresponding period increased 25.8% , raw material grandma is 2.98 yuan into valence, rose compared to the same period 39.04% , the treatment that need pays, pack, carry, the manufacturing cost such as artificial, finance affairs is 2.66 yuan, sale cost is 0.744 yuan, the enterprise obtains net profit embellish finally to be every kilogram 0.1 yuan, profit margin is only 2.1% , far the average gain level under food industry.

Liu Chengguo thinks, a few more current influence milk industry persists second reason has not eliminate the depth of healthy progress, the lasting effect mechanism that ensures milk industry to stabilize harmonious development had be notted form, the contradiction that a lot of link exists had be notted solve. Fall after a rise of price of dairy produce of together with international market, export volume decreases, bring about milk industry probably to appear to fluctuate newly.

Machine link: The enterprise creates resources waste without foreword competition

In recent years, because company of treatment of partial area milkings is excessive concentrated, compete without foreword, issue of the inadequacy that suckle a source is increasingly outstanding, the inadequacy that suckle a source brought about an enterprise to produce again conversely can relatively superfluous, create the waste of natural resources of the treatment that suckle course of study. Kong Xiangzhi of assistant dean of agriculture of Chinese people university and rural development college says, this year first half of the year, national hair changes appoint publish development of normative milkings industry continuously " condition of admittance of industry of dairy produce treatment " and " policy of industry of estate of dairy produce treatment " , pure support market cannot have adjusted the problem that says clear milkings industry appears, ” of “ market be no longer in force had created the serious waste of resource, must appear personally by the government try to coordinate with the standard.
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