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Everybody talks food safety
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Avoid check to be not a favour to business development

Bringing about the 3 deer milk powder with thousands of toxic children is the country avoids check product unexpectedly, fact of this be related hit function branch to remember canorous a slap on the face undoubtedly.

According to bureau of national qualitative prison " the product avoids at quality supervisory examination runs way " regulation: “ every got the product of the certificate that avoid check to be inside the period of efficacy that avoid check, various government sector and current domain all do not get country, province, city, county to undertake to its quality supervises an examination. ” that is to say, wanted to obtain this letter only, no matter whether is its product put in quality problem, each district is departmental the door all non-privileged undertake supervisory checking to its. But, the quality of the product is a dynamic process originally, who can make sure product quality is in charge of to consumer forever? In incident of poisonous milk powder, unexpectedly 22 brands milk powder produces an enterprise to be given by check 3 get together cyanogen amine, the enterprise that this specification is in current our country is far the degree that did not reach consciousness to assume social responsibility.

With respect to business development character, also fraud is more than benefit the system that avoid check. Congheng pepper sauce goes to milk powder of Kendeji, nest, Europe allusion floor the product that each acquires a country to dismiss check title appears problem, after seeing a few enterprises obtained the honor that avoid check not hard, relaxed the requirement to product quality, then from innocently error develops intended mix into imitation holiday, then finish an enterprise, finish an industry even finish the fame of product of a country, incident of poisonous milk powder can calculate among them model. At the outset, nest product is discovered when quality problem, nest company shows to media, because avoid check to bring about careless omission,problem of milk powder quality is.

With respect to market competition character, the product avoids check system is fair to the market principle to destroy. A product obtains a country to exempt the company of check, it is the product that is an enterprise with governmental credit is offerred essentially in fact credit assures, the government guides consumer to select this product with public letter force, and enterprise criterion have the aid of this one form is hit in competition controlled other and congener company, this is inequitable other company to, also be regular to the market destruction.

With respect to the government character, the system that avoid check is a kind of nonfeasance substantially. The problem of the product that avoid check that appears time and again, produced undesirable effect to governmental function branch apparently. More important is, undertake superintendency to the product, to function branch character, since influence, it is responsibility more. Tell from legal angle, avoid check to belong to exempt to the product, meant national office to abandon his responsibility.
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