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Everybody talks food safety
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Lei Zhenyue

Make the people true eat so that be at ease

Milk powder incident is thinking the duty of national supervisory office. The people should ask not only: Why to wait for such state-owned name to actor or actress the brand can produce so serious problem like 3 deer milk powder? Why to concern does the meeting such as people's healthy food, medicines and chemical reagents have “ to avoid check ” to set?

The premier sheds silent tears, compatriots abhors have add. Only from processing person of a few responsibility, call in problem product, the food that can you make relation people life healthy be able to safe? Expose now those who come out is the milk powder incident such as 3 deer, but asking in people heart: In whole food domain, existence of how many food still affects healthy safe hidden trouble? How pledge as what quality superintends check total bureau is to pay close attention to the people's livelihood? Actor brand dare inspect even state-owned name people life to make a holiday avowedly at disregarding, how many does that other product safety factor have to you can let compatriots be at ease again edible? Of course, state-owned name actors or actress the brand still has very much real be worthy of the name. But the key is how to be superintended, how to fulfil. Each domains of our country of make a comprehensive view, items of annual the activity that judge actor is various, it is to depend on unit, enterprise to sign up for a data to participate oneself only more very, selection orgnaization light sends card to be not superintended. This exposes those who went out to superintend to be short of break.

Premier Wen says: We should sum up “ seriously and think over, work food safety to had been caught further, let bad emergency be a favour. We want ”“ to be in charge of to people. ” our government sector, supervisory management department, enterprise, should undertake thinking over deeply: Does the enterprise go after quality truly outstanding? Is superintendency branch superintended truly reach the designated position? Is the government sector true attention the people's livelihood? Be necessary to begin quality is great to check, concern especially the product of the people's livelihood, put an end to the product that has a problem to flow into a society, the company that lets produce problem food exits the market, let the people eat so that be at ease truly.

Ru Zhongshan

Safe superintendency need grows effect mechanism

Because had the quality big coast of famous brand milk powder,be, common people just becomes to food safety more be nervous, the look that intermediary types or forms of literature will pay close attention to by milk products outspread to bean products, the hope passes the punish of concerned branch, offer to common people eat so that be at ease, takes safely food environment.

According to the report, somewhere the bean products of the nearly 75 % on the market is produced by small mill or antecedents is unidentified, when mill of some corrupt of black soya bean are machining bean curd, make more bean curd to let a few soya bean, can add drug of a few chemical industry, a jin of soya bean after adding can make when 67 jins of soya bean. Reality has to make a person anxious. Change character, want existence sudden huge profits only, want the market to existing only shocking food competes, the security that wants concerned department only is superintended leave a hole, those generator that do not have fine are met with the person that forget honor at sight of money risk danger in desperation.
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