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Claim for compensation of milk powder case, legal problem law is solved
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Concerned respect showed the responsible attitude that answers large-scale communal incident actively in consolidating milkings market. Meanwhile, continue the compensation that appropriate solves victim of problem milk powder appeals to beg, criterion test is worn the ability of deal with problems arising from an accident that we handle communal incident.

Beyond question, the behavior of experience record company lacks the social responsibility of at least. Look from consumptive market however, the essence of incident of problem milk powder belongs to case of law of civilian trade issue. It is admittedly important to undertake around this one incident morality is commented, but, be short of the condemnation that break to cannot be replaced to enterprise society responsibility assume legal responsibility by its, the public apology of experience record company perhaps promotes a society responsibility, also cannot reduce a victim already sufferred lose. The country is employed fair state treasury for charge of medical treatment of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later of children of fall victim of problem milk powder, it is Shu delay the expedient of public crisis, after all, do not answer without the illegal cost of fine enterprise impute to is lawful taxpayer. Compensatory expenses obtains case of problem milk powder to be fulfilled finally, send a hope to solve ” at law of “ law problem necessarily.

Without relieve do not have the right. Judicatory orgnaization is the last location that peace settles social dispute. Any hopes digest contradictory society inside system model type, metropolis to each explain the person that accuse opens wide judicatory gate, realize its interest to appeal to beg. Otherwise, once pass judicatory way to search aid of ask for help to become hard,mix impossible, the initiative impulse that maintains an interest is met the dikes and dams of corrode broken order. because such, cannot rejecting to handle case ” in a lot of national “ courts is an important judicatory criterion, the court cannot do not have law to be able to offer cite and adjudgement ” with “ even for rejection citizen indictment, accept sue it is a court cannot the public duty of shirk.

Victim of problem milk powder produces what the enterprise puts forward to compensate for to appeal to to problem milk powder, do not have fact and legal obstacle already. Concern basically comes from amount of litigant fashion, compensation and terms of payment wait. Already had scholastic proposal, group suit and castigatory sex are compensated for, it is to handle large-scale food safety to defend the two big a magic weapon of unripe incident.

Group suit system allows certain interested parties the specific authorization without other victim, represent their to lodge a complaint, and loss of seek redress whole. Group suit holds benefit accuser and court concurrently, also can save each square lawsuit cost, safeguard the rights and interests of all victims, prevent individual victim the outside hating a mood to turn to other way channel of faint lawsuit, potential victim also can apply for a court to rule applicable group suit adjudicates directly in the future, discharge what appeal to again is tired. Castigatory sex compensation is used at mainly large-scale especially the incident of product quality tort with public higher prestige, inspect victim and the psychology that to its compensation is a kind of low price in the light of the certain businessman that do not have fine, through ironhanded punish again, force an enterprise to be based on cost effectiveness analysis to must take product quality seriously. In fact, this is the historical experience that American “ feeds poisonous times ” to be treated by chaos, set in our country law and also have in judicatory practice according to can be being checked.
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