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Everybody talks food safety
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Ground of active and active, start well and end well superintends branch of function of food superintendency need follow-up. Inspect of qualitative inspect, wholesome, industrial and commercial, medicine, examine the branch such as quarantine should walk out of “ to the problem is investigated with respect to gravity, wait with respect to what loosen laches ” sure, rely on train of thought. Any food safety always cannot be common people had an accident, function branch just is investigated superintend, let common people become time and again ” of rat of “ food Xiaobai. Function branch is constantly ” of vigilant “ safety cat, hear, smell, see any insecure clues, be about to hit out quickly, always act as for common people ” of night watchman of “ food safety, put an end to malfeasant.

Function branch should walk out of “ railroad police, each are in charge of the understanding error of a paragraph of ” , establish big safe consciousness. Mention food safety now, total somebody thinks to be superintended with function branch repeat, function is not quite clear the relationship is close, 9 dragon prevent floods by water control treats “ namely bad water ” was become avoid duty excuse.

” of accident of “ food safety already became the chemical text book of Chinese common people, knew from inside incident of 3 deer milk powder 3 get together cyanogen amine, knew virulent pesticide DDVP from inside poisonous leek, knew Sudan from inside duck's egg red, knew hydrogen peroxide solution to wait a moment from inside pickle. We do not think again from the chemical drug with the new rediscover in bean curd. Some food produced an enterprise to already reached the be blinded by gain, degree that commit all manners of crimes, reached the degree with not more wholesome than “ crueler ” already, do not dig be completely cured from this level, can't form blow deterrence to them.

Lei Hong heavies rain

Food examines should make virtual work solid

4 years ago, anhui mounds incident of ” of the “ that this world happening astonishs the throughout the country is big baby, 3 deer milk powder also ranks among them. But the result that rich weichis is, mound in relief one party not only without uncover 3 deer, instead gives 3 Lu Fang “ apologetic ” . In the meantime, 3 deer milk powder is labelled to pledge check ensures a system to perfect company list first place. It is the big check of slippery the world really! So look round now, discover not hard, our administrative layer went large hole.

It doesn't matter of the itself that avoid check is complex. Economy of reforming and opening, market, “ China makes ” more and more sing noisy world, china, should have the enterprise with a lot of excellent quality and product, enjoy the treatment that avoid check. But execute to what product avoid check, that can not be simple thing. Food medicines and chemical reagents sexes of these effectiveness for a given period of time are strong, it is the product that affects safety of common people life directly, by what to execute avoid check? The country pledges check director take the blame resigns, this is have only oneself to blame. Why is the problem ” of this “ blame can appear? To the Jing cry of the people of the whole country, pay no attention to, bring about milk products industry to use 3 get together cyanogen amine becomes guild regulations. After incident of 3 deer milk powder happens, public opinion has incisive analysis and deep opinion more. Important is, regard a country as mechanism, if why handle good nonfeasance and random factitive issue. This is come a few years, face market economy initiative phase is fake product be current, did not regain consciousness realise, and be satisfied at the surface only, easy to read and understand understanding, lack hardship consciousness, responsibility consciousness thereby, expression arrives on specific action, style is float, management is lax, appear necessarily blundering, or is nonfeasance, or serves as with respect to chaos. Face market economy initiative phase is fake the circumstance that the product overruns, also adopted a series of measure, measure, check, dozen, the action that forbid also obtained certain result. But on the market, especially the provision that the issue passes people life safety, medicines and chemical reagents, fake if the solve one problem only to find another cropping up is general, check and can't help, ban and incessant. This is not active as, the typical display that serves as not do one's best. It is fake at the same time the product is incessant Yu Er, as one falls, human life incident happens again and again, it is arms put in storage at the same time, the hill austral Ma Fang, the food that ground of have nothing worry about is not at ease really to people, medicines and chemical reagents, collection is trifling charge, execute avoid check, arrive as chaos in disorder acme. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad secretary-general of no less than criticizes in that way, “ is in office the requirement of new job of ability and new condition suits not completely still, accord with ” not completely.
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