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Plastic futures clinchs a deal a breakthrough 200 thousand hand is worth for ear
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Dalian market is hot prices still is continueing, but leading role is soja no longer however: Yesterday LLDPE futures considerably high jump more than bits of 400 open quotation, dish in go up for a time strong to harden board 9510 yuan / ton, hold a storehouse to increase steadily meanwhile, clinch a deal more achieve historical nature to measure 209172 hands, double what reach value of early days height almost.

Plastic futures is increasingly mature

Che Lili of analyst of new lake futures thinks, this Jing puts mature with each passing day LLDPE futures day of quantity, show domestic commodity futures goes situation although linkage at international economy environment, but clinch a deal quantity however not considerably atrophic, it is to innovate repeatedly however instead tall, this announced not only aggravate of difference of market point of view (the amplitude inside day amounts to 735 a little bit) , more the inclination that explains investor shares risk of the market, management was not decreased weak.

In addition, LLDPE clinchs a deal hot what also plant to kinds or types of goods of this first phase with bourse is elaborate breed cent not to leave. It is with the contest of plastic futures imitate that holding at present exemple, share a number numerous, hand in cast active, raised LLDPE effectively to get the attention rate of investor. The plenary meeting of first international synthetic resin that sponsors by association of big business place and Chinese oil and chemical industry additionally was about to hold on October 19. At the appointed time, the personage of industry of global synthetic resin can adopt the platform of a such internationalization, discuss market supply and demand and industrial policy jointly, share information, drive the collaboration, union that makes futures and merchandise on hand finer to be together, advance industry depth to develop.

Zhang Hao of analyst of futures of 5 mine Hai Qin thinks, the financial seismic sea wave that diffuses ceaselessly at present has begun to produce an effect to hypostatic economy, demand of prospective heavy goods will accept major impact undoubtedly. With respect to LLDPE character, clinch a deal yesterday the Jing day enlarge of the quantity can regard a kind of many empty divergent as to reflect. Although current Dalian is plastic,still be in serious period in be being hanged now, but on the other hand, epicycle drops to also make the lead sex of futures price and prescient sex are reflected incisively and vividly, futures price guides spot price to walk along the phenomenon of situation to had been shown.

Colophony industry foreground but period

Expand difficult position to what colophony industry is faced with, yu Haitao of plastic ministry minister expresses Inc. of Zhejiang future petrifaction, the whole nation's at present new production unit is many put into production, add global economy to put delay to cause demand decline, overall supply superfluous, unfavorable situation of merchandise on hand is more difficult. But colophony regards important fundamental sex as raw material, with national economy be closely bound up, its foreground cannot set limit to.
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