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Plastic futures clinchs a deal a breakthrough 200 thousand hand is worth for ear
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"The development dilemma of colophony industry is temporary. "The beautiful in Shandong Linyi Zhen Zhong of Peng of plastic guild chairman expresses general manager of international trade company, Linyi, from long-term in light of, as the ceaseless development of our country science and technology and economy, the demand to high-powered product can increase ceaselessly, in base oneself upon the own innovation, case that strengthens product research and development to become industrial group consensus falls, colophony industry grows foreground to value.

Yu Haitao thinks however, the price advantageous position of futures of LLDPE of Dalian Commodity Exchange in the market is stronger and stronger; LLDPE futures already became the barometer of spot market. He suggests colophony company uses this option market actively this one tool, with avoid systematization risk. At the same time he also hopes bourse can abound petrifaction industry catenary ceaselessly breed of medium heavy goods futures, be like PP, PVC. Add variety of complete a business transaction at the same time, simplify flow of complete a business transaction. Through be being optimized regularly, let enterprises of more merchandise on hand participate in.

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