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Option market continues to split up 5 futures breed is collective 3 board drop s
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The collective that the market worries about generally 3 board drop stop to appear in the market yesterday eventually. That day, domestic option market each breed continues to appear differentiation, up to closing quotation, include soja, beans to dregs of rice, soya-bean oil, palmy with Shanghai copper inside collective of 5 futures breed drops stop, appeared 3 board drop stop, this does not see more on domestic option market.

The reporter notices, because take the lead in sparking 3 board drop stop, day glue futures was suspended trading one day by Shanghai futures exchange yesterday. So far, option market appears successive 3 drop the breed that stop achieves 6. Unlike before, this produce (000061) , industrial product and metallic contract all have involve.

Yesterday later on, the reporter gets an information, shanghai futures exchange already decided to be in execute to day glue when settle accounts yesterday make the same score a storehouse compulsively. Today, day glue will shrink board to the normal level of 4% , trade bail is 8% . In addition, period place still decides to suspend trading one day to Shanghai copper today on, consider to answer program further.

Because involve soja, beans to dregs of rice, soya-bean oil and palmy wait for 4 breed, this Dalian Commodity Exchange becomes heavy disaster area. The basis trades regular, big business place will to trading 3 times continuously day drops the product that stop takes the step that decreases a storehouse compulsively. Yesterday after closing quotation, big business place issues an announcement to futures firm, already dropped yesterday stopped agreement to undertake decreasing a storehouse forcibly, today, each agreement will continue to trade.

The reporter understands from big business place, decrease a storehouse compulsively this to involve soja series in all 62714 hands agreement, bourse points out, decrease by force make this by outside dish holiday drops greatly conduct the risk whole to home market to get releasing, reduce an amount by force also greatly under the market original anticipate. The client with partial bigger loss can stop in time caustic goes out bureau, avoided cruel storehouse the happening of incident, was on guard then the settle accounts risk that the market may appear, maintained the stability of integral market.

The reporter called partial futures company yesterday, the wind that discovers a lot of companies accuses a branch to already was adopted smooth storehouse and increase the measure such as bail to answer a risk.

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Reporter Baidu (" of Baidu.com) " futures finds relevant webpage about 51, 100, 000,

The English of futures is Futures, be by " future " one word evolution and come, its meaning is: Trade both sides need not be handed in in the initial stage of happening of buying and selling receive real money, agree the some moment in future is handed in jointly however receive real money, because this Chinese weighs his,be " futures " .
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