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Fund is decreased because economy is anxious,support money market of bull of CBO
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According to Chicago on October 10 message, analyst Zhou Wu says, fund is mixed the 2nd week in CBOT grain futures continuously the storehouse is made the same score into travel bull on period authority, because investor worries about finance,the crisis will bring about economy to be immersed in decline.

Credit crisis and financial industry are queasy your a lot of investor escape in succession normally the commodity market of concussion, seek on gold and bond avoid danger.

Index of Zhou Wudao industry fining jade drops 128 a little bit or 1.49% , receive a reply 8, 451.19 bits, successive the 8th day closes low, ever dropped for a time before this 8% , wear to drop first since 2003 8, at 0 o'clock.

Corn futures is in in the past 3 already dropped inside week about 27% , soybean futures drops about 25% , wheaten futures drops about 23% .

Mario Balletto of analyst of beautiful flag group says, "I think to be before money market occurrence stability, people can fear to be bought. People can fear to be bought..

Zhou Wu of futures of CBOT12 month corn closes low 30 cent drop stop, to dollar of every bushel 4.08-1/4, soybean contract also closed at dropping to stop in November, drop 70 cent come every bushel 9.1 dollars. Wheaten in December futures drops 41-1/4 cent comes dollar of every bushel 5.63-1/2, touch for a time earlier 16 months lowest.

"The main and main area of grain market around in finance queasy the demand that cause puts delay, know without the person finance is queasy the influence of overall to global GDPs and commodity demand can have how old, because this stimulated a few usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price, "Balletto says.

Investment fund is reaching money market of the settle on other commodity market in cereal in order to reduce a risk, because evidence shows credit peril,diffusing in the whole world.

This week represents capital of investment bank Ba Kelai, the 3rd quarter already fell from 270 million dollar in the investment fund total of commodity domain to 210 million dollar, drop first since 2003.

The report that CFTC Zhou Wu publishs shows, up to became on October 7, futures of corn of hold of large and congenial guest and period authority clean bull 73, 297 hands, relatively decrease before a week 24, 947 hands. Large and congenial guest hold wheat is clean at the same time nominal 11, 850 hands, relatively increase before a week 3, 290 hands.

However, CFTC data shows, up to became on October 7, large and congenial guest is added hold soja clean bull to 37, 574 hands, relatively increase before a week 3, 033 hands.

"Soybean market is obtained from inside the anticipation with will disappointing per unit area yield a few prop up. Attune of USDA Zhou Wu falls per unit area yield beforehand appraise, but the acreage that be reaped is increased place is quits, this makes a person accident a bit, "Balletto says.
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