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The Central Bank lowers interest together although the action that help city is
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Of wall street second borrow the crisis to affect deeply already global money market, for a short while finance is queasy bring serious blow to global commodity market, each country government adopts the force that everything can employ to appease current crisis in succession. Yesterday, the whole world is main the Central Bank lowers interest together, the accord with breathtaking foot. Do its lower interest is the method affected to market of global heavy goods after all how? Be in second when borrowing the crisis to be deepened increasingly, is commodity market appetent He Wei?

Each country Central Bank lowers interest together

Financial crisis still is spreading, panicky mood has add without decrease, global stock market steeps fall more than, each country government, Central Bank publishs even hand synchronism to help city measure newly. Afterwards Australia couplet store decrease beyond Zhou Er breath after 100 base point, bureau of canal of gold of Chinese Hong Kong announces discount tone falls suddenly yesterday 100 base point.

For keep within limits the global money market of current unprecedented is turbulent, beautiful couplet Chu Zhousan combines the whole world other Central Bank adjusts pivotal interest rate. Chu Xuan cloth decreases beautiful couplet breath 50 base point come 1.5% , european Central Bank, England Central Bank, Canada Central Bank, Sweden Central Bank and Swiss Central Bank also are decreased in succession breath. At present American interest rate is 1.5% , interest rate of Europe Central Bank is 3.75% , canada 2.5% , england 4.5% , sweden is 4.25% . And China also is joined come here second combination reduces the operation of breath in, reduce deposit since October 15, 2008 kind reserve of deposit of financial orgnaization RMB leads 0.5 percent; Reduce a year since October 9, 2008 period the RMB puts loan standard interest rate each 0.27 percent, other time class puts loan standard interest rate is made adjust accordingly.

Additional, chinese people bank decides 9 days to rise to be avoided to of short duration of income of deposit deposit interest at the same time impose individual income tax. And before this, the applicable tax rate of individual income tax of income of deposit deposit interest is 5% .

Gu Zheng of southwest futures analyst thinks, long-term and character, lower interest momently the pattern of delay of hasten of growth of still unalterable economy, the crisis that resolves place of economy of whole whole world to bring because of the measure that this relies on impossibly only and 7 big Central Banks announce the whole world at the same time lower interest, demonstrated the determination helping city of each country government from certain level, but the influence that crisis place brings finance also cannot pass the United States to lower interest only will alleviate, government of each country of the city after predicting will still continue to the further move that help city is rolled out.
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