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The vacuum is giant market of building materials of far coating of brand assembl
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Qing Dynasty is far, hunan of group of Guangzhou, north, Dong Lianshao is received to close south, on the west adjacent Guangxi, it is 3 provinces of “ are connected thoroughfare the ground of ” , young and be full of glamour, visit the ground level town with the vastest region for Guangdong. In August the last ten-day of a month, color of comfortable Feng Qian spends lacquer Yu Qingyuan of the biggest brand shop opens business, should of Liu Yi of brand shop general manager invite, the author comes to Qing Dynasty far, manage to find time visited bazaar of local coating building materials. Trim visit gain as follows now.

Be pregnant with of circle of wide clear economy is tremendous market space
Qing Dynasty is far be apart from Guangzhou downtown only 64 kilometers, it is Guangdong province outside dividing Fosan most the ground level city that approachs Guangzhou city. After the flower removes city to build a division, quiet remote town already became repeatedly with Guangzhou, carry on adequately Guangzhou internationalization economy and trade radiate, formed a “ triangle of butt joint bead, the old wide clear economy of ” of north of radiation big another name for Guangdong Province is encircled.
2002, clear far establish the development goal that “ industry promotes city ” , improve investment climate energetically, mix through capital attraction economy of development civilian battalion in order to realize the rapid development of far industry clear. From after this, in a few short years, economy of quiet remote city grows namely with annual first what the amplitude of 19.6% jumps house whole nation, enter throughout history to grow rate the economy with the fastest, the biggest change grows period.
In economy of strong development pull move below, the estate development of one district of 2 city invests Qing Yuanwu county high speed increases by degrees, especially residential sale area is annual with 20% - the speed of 30% increases by degrees, the development that lives in an industry for clear far building materials brought unprecedented turning point. Have connoisseur estimation, live in the home to act the role of things respect only, average household and unit are consumed every year amount to 500 million yuan, and with year the rate that increases more than 10% rises steadily.
Value far development perspective clear just about, guangdong is provincial the estate development business with many abundant actual strength already entered this ground level town with Guangzhou city border on, there is no lack of among them super grail. For example dimensions all is in ” of the ” of peninsula of holiday of “ of garden of green jade laurel of 10 thousand mus of above, the garden after “ Guangzhou.
And, in carry on bead in the industrial move of trigonometry area, qing Dynasty is far the stay point that already also made industry of ceramics of Fosan area building materials, become accipitral card, beauty mark, Rome, new in the manufacturing base of large quantities of one brand products such as the source, jump one of base of 3 big pottery and porcelain. Only source pool area, garrisoned works of ceramics of 14 Fosan building materials.
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