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Glue price steeps fall domestic importer is abandoned in succession odd or reven
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Price of caution of the personage inside course of study or revengeful sex rebounds

Shanghai glue drops since second half of the year force is striking

Slump in price brings about day glue enterprise of domestic numerous consumption faces loss.

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"Home already had partial balata trafficker and small shop to begin pair of foreign supplier break a contact, the reason is to cannot assume current huge deficit " , trafficker of balata of Thailand of a few southeast Asia confirms to the reporter yesterday. Because glue price steeps fall, the home that can'ts bear deficit is medium or small balata consumption enterprise abandons in succession former order, the deposit that auxes would rather compensation pays, await lower price to be bought wait-and-see perhaps.

The personage inside course of study expresses, this kind of " abandons only action " or encounter supplier of southeast Asia balata make reprisals together, and can drain existing reserve only as a result of home market, if when needing complete a business transaction truly supply of goods suffers,be restricted, the revengeful sex of the price rebounds will happen possibly at any time.

Glue city is immersed in a disorder

"Market of Chinese day glue is immersed in panicky, disorder and backwater basically, dare not buy the home again, because the high priced stocks of early days has not been digested, purchase what order worries about morrow newly to drop again stop " , one of rubber companies with the biggest Thailand- - poem direct balata (Shanghai) Li Shijiang of limited company general manager expresses, "Abroad sell domestic criterion not dare resell, because China buys the venture of a break a contact, if prices drops all the time go down, incident of break a contact can happen ceaselessly, far from dare resell gives new contract " . He confirms at the same time, "Company a few in small client has produced " of the behavior that abandon sheet. Occupy additionally divulge, be aimed at the circumstance of current China market, the main rubber business of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesian, Malaysia, had stopped to quote to Chinese market.

Yesterday, shanghai glue brunt 0901 agreement fall once more stop, the newspaper closes at 14025 yuan / ton, this already was the 6th after 11 long holidays drops stop board. 7 short trade day (eliminate stops a card one day) , balata futures price falls panel height amounts to 5000 yuan / ton. And two big balata of domestic produce a division yesterday- - the quote of merchandise on hand of farming cultivate is Hainan farming cultivate and Yunnan respectively 18200 yuan / ton mix 21500 yuan / ton. "Although did not clinch a deal almost that day,measure, but quote of our merchandise on hand is reasonable " , yunnan farming cultivate a personage thinks, "Of option market exceeding low basically is the market trades behavior, include to make the same score a storehouse compulsively even dish caused " .
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