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Chemical industry: Future of the have sth in mind in boom be issued to lower lev
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Boom cereal bottom should give proper overmeasure the value, especially a few be killed by the fault child industry and the subsidiary that have area advantage, can restore quickly or seek development good opportunity again. Oil price reply arrived 80 dollars / the bucket is the following, and international coal price also is down immediately, global economic depression and strong demand are abate anticipate to entity economy brought concussion, although eye comes round to look to have potash fertilizer price only as before strong, but not certain in the process with fertilizer industry fatigued and weak whole can long pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others.
To chemical industry each child for the industry, hold to be inferior to scan widely future at the moment, and likely investment thinking ought to center in the following respects: Suffer macroscopical economy and exit to glide not apparent indispensible consumable and resource kind industry; Lower interest possibly in the country mix directly in cycle be benefited secondhand child industry; Future increases inside the likelihood in need and increasing investment is benefited child industry; Be killed by industry whole fault and can restore the regional subsidiary of gain ability; Individual child the integral sex opportunity that industry conformity brings.

Industrial business data: 1 - industrial business data made clear August, inelastic if demand industry still maintained better profit growth and gain level chemical fertilizer pesticide, and optional spending side appeared bigger coast.

Although the August accumulative total data before industrial business shows chemical fertilizer and pesticide trade performance are driving, but enter since September, of fertilizer custom duty go up tone, for be more than the awkwardness that beg, wait for raw material price plus crude oil go weak, caused price of nitrogenous fertilizer phosphate fertilizer directly leave harmonic company stop production substantially, future ability of gain of whole of industry of fertilizer of a few months remains to observe, no less, second half of the year begins the quickness of price of careless pleasant phosphine to dropped to affect the boom of integral pesticide industry directly. But the manufacturing cost that oil price be issued to lower levels reduced partial trade again conversely, wait like pesticide, polyurethane, synthetic rubber and synthetic fibre, do not cross car sales volume glide continuously reacted of purchasing power drop, and consumption worsens continuously also make the chemical chemical fibber that begs for be more than originally kind the product is one disaster after another more, will integratedly look, next 3 months are not hopeful. . Believe to be in what save city in great quantities to help economic policy to come on stage with the whole world alarm after lamp open, the pace that anabiosis is going gradually probably asymptotic, opportunity fleeting, partial chemical industry appraise value standard already fell historical low, and main area is already serious break away from share price, although at present besides potash fertilizer industry one outside Zhi Duxiu, do not have particularly good investment sign, but need to hold below weak city and straighten prospective industry to walk along situation and progress possibly, static wait for dawn.
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