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Infrequent cruel have diarrhoea lifts strong slack tide 3 drop stop bull float t
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On October 8, domestic goods option market greets the 3rd to drop stop board.

This day, two big exchange all are opposite option market partial agreement is executed make the same score a storehouse forcibly. And agreement of the natural balata Ru0811 of Shanghai futures exchange, Ru0901 stops to trade in this days. On October 9, agglutination of additionally two oak restricts Shanghai futures exchange RU0903, RU0905, CU0810 of metallic copper contract, CU0907 suspends trading.

"Encounter for the first time steep fall such. "A middle-level of firm of some Beijing futures expresses to reporter of weekly of conduct financial transactions, be known according to him, the futures firm with hold much more sheet is undertaking be makinged the same score by force or increase cash deposit individually. "Our client also has a few not to listen persuade, do not have method to be forced to be made the same score by force. After all the company is to cannot give a risk, card inspect can set this. Card inspect can set this..

Respect of Dalian Commodity Exchange expresses, because received city on October 8 from time to tome 5 agreement are sealed in drop stop board on, according to trade regular, big business place is right after receiving city that day 62714 hands agreement undertook soja series decrease a storehouse compulsively, among them, one 901 agreement decrease the beans by force 5456 hands, 905 agreement reduce 26444 hands by force; The beans dregses of rice 901 reduce 20868 hands by force, 905 reduce 7580 hands by force; Soya-bean oil 905 reduce 1096 hands by force. Roughly estimation, bull passivity cuts fleshy capital to make an appointment with 160 million yuan. Add natural balata futures and other and active cut the flesh dish, a few days of after reckonning National Day grows a holiday bull fund that have 800 million yuan about are grey flying smoke destroys.

whole, successive 3 days drop the Zhang face loss that the breed that stop gives place of bull of domestic option market to cause already exceeded 10 billion yuan.

Historic steep fall bull nightmare

The option market after 11 long holidays, it is a nightmare undoubtedly to domestic bull. Home rests during city, overseas option market each are big breed continues before financial crisis deepness drops, many breed achieve odd week the biggest drop. Among them, CBOT soja period price from 1164 cent / bushel drops to 922 cent / bushel, drop amount to 20.7% ; CBOT soya-bean oil period price from 47.9 cent / the pound drops to 40 cent / pound, drop amount to 16.5% . Futures of Malaysia palm oil 2313 Lin Ji spy / ton drop to 1820 Lin Ji spy / ton, drop 21.3% .

Suffer this effect, option market of Zhou Yi open quotation divides 18 breed outside gold almost all fronts is sealed to be in drop stop board on. Zhou Er, the bull that is without counteractive force looks at glue of period copper, day, soja helplessly 1 date, soja 2 date, soya-bean oil, beans dregses of rice, 7 breed such as palm oil are sealed again stop at dropping. Zhou San, glue of period copper, day, soja, soya-bean oil, beans dregses of rice partial agreement falls the 3rd day continuously stop, according to regulation of big business place, will undertake be makinged the same score by force to these agreement right now.
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