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Each give heavy fist to help city continuously " farming " name futures rises to
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Although home of global each country gives heavy fist to help city continuously, but global finance condition still has uncertainty, in the pressure that brings from this and super- sell the action that supports double and retrorse power to fall, situation of concussion of wide cut of heavy goods market is in hard to avoid.

Yesterday, domestic gold futures brunt contract is small December low go, closing quotation price relatively before one trade day drops 5.01 yuan, drop 2.62% . Price of gold of international of of the previous night suffers Euramerican stock market to rebound strong influence concussion be issued to lower levels, closing quotation at every ounce 833.71 dollars, relatively before one trade day drops 13.45 dollars. Of international stock market rebound, make gold avoids doing anything that may arouse suspicion functional appeal somewhat pare.

Current, the act helping city with European puissant country makes euro add dollar is obtained prop up, form particular suppress function to dollar index, make on the technology already bear the dollar index that press is farther one disaster after another. Nevertheless, the United States has the system of science and technology with the most advanced and perfect whole world after all, short-term inside the status of global reserve money of the dollar has not been lost, should not underestimate the ego repair capability of American economy. Long term look, dollar index is arranged in short line hind still hopeful goes strong.

Yesterday concussion of wide cut of corn period price, brunt agreement decreases a storehouse substantially. Receive even the beans in the round tall, also be to leave high nevertheless low go, action force is not worth on. Zheng candy pours fast fall after a rise, with of 1.64% go up a closing quotation. Strong wheat also is strong fast fall after a rise, make the same score dish of newspaper to close. After palm oil leaves high gradually fall after a rise, with of 3.20% go up a closing quotation. Performance of rape oil index is relative stronger, with 3.99% go up a closing quotation.

International crude oil of period price go situation to other heavy goods period price has lead action certainly. Zhou Yi, agreement NYMEX-11 is in brunt of futures of Comex crude oil to drop repeatedly 4 rise first in the future, closing quotation rises 3.49 dollars come every pails of 81.19 dollars. Not only there is the demand that rebounds further on the technology, the short line of the dollar is arranged what also support price of crude oil period is farther rebound, ou Peike also is paying close attention to oil price to go cheek by jowl situation, if oil price glides further, ou Peike will consider reduction of output possibly.