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Fund is decreased because economy is anxious,support money market of bull of CBO
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USDA made content turnout in October in the report beforehand appraise soybean per unit area yield is every acre 39.5 bushel, relatively on month beforehand appraise drops 0.5 bushel, but be increased reap an area beforehand appraise 3% .

CFTC data shows, become up to Zhou Er, exponential fund cuts corn, soja and wheaten bull money market considerably again, but they still hold is many bull.

Clean bull of corn of exponential fund hold 285, 784 hands, relatively glide last week 20, 055 hands, hold soja clean bull 115, 820 hands, relatively glide last week 14, 272 hands, hold wheat clean bull 154, 188 hands, relatively decrease last week 8, 076 hands.


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