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Option market continues to split up 5 futures breed is collective 3 board drop s
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First futures trades is from merchandise on hand long-dated trade to develop and come, first merchandise on hand is long-dated trading is bilateral and verbal commitment is handed in in sometime receive a certain quantity of goods, later as trade the amplification of limits, verbal commitment is replaced by bond of buying and selling gradually. This kind of contracted behavior complications increasingly, need has bagman to assure, so that supervise,pay, appeared then the first goods of world that London offerred 1571 is long-dated contract bourse---Royal bourse. To get used to the ceaseless development of goods economy, chicago cereal bourse rolled out the standardization agreement of " of contract of futures of a kind of " that be called 1865, replace former the forward contract of continue to use. Use agreement of this kind of standardization, allow transaction of agreement pass on, perfected security system stage by stage, then a kind of special deal standardized the option market of agreement to form, futures makes the tool of conduct financial transactions of a kind of investment of investor.

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