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The Central Bank lowers interest together although the action that help city is
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Commodity market still declining tendency

Yesterday, after each country Central Bank announces to lower interest, stimulation of good in benefit news issues Dow Jones index to ever rebounded for a time, but it is rapid fall after a rise subsequently, up to the 22:0 when the reporter distributes news dispatches2, path point to drop 141.22, of short duration signs up for 9305.89 a little bit, in crude market respect, futures of beautiful crude oil agreement rushed to come high for a time after the message is announced in November 90.96 dollars / bucket, subsequently considerably concussion goes low.

In metallic market respect, LME3 month period copper develops Gao Yu for a time after the message is announced 5575 dollars, after this concussion goes low, of short duration signs up for 5405 dollars. Period aluminium is in LME3 month explore goes up to come quickly after the message is announced 2328 dollars, immediately turns drop, this agreement has dropped considerably to 2328 dollars. LME3 month after cloth of information of period zinc contract highest on explore comes 1585 dollars, continue to drop subsequently, of short duration signs up for 1459 dollars.

In produce market respect, CBOT beautiful beans suffers this message to stimulate and not apparent, period price did not walk out of strong high prices, still maintain small concussion to go low, agreement was in beautiful corn in December after the message is announced, strong Gao Yu 417 cent, still be concussion goes low subsequently, this agreement of short duration signs up for 414 cent. Additional, period price also did not get beautiful candy the message is carried brace up, still maintain wander in concussion prices.

From the market after the message is announced performance looks, the act that each country Central Bank lowers interest together, rebound in what commodity market upset on certain level, but rebound only transitory, breed of commodity market majority reproduces declining tendency, going up at all the contrail that changes its be issued to lower levels. But from the point of home market, short-term inside our country government has reduced deposit reserve twice to lead continuously, can see had fundamental change from tight policy, seventeen when be about to hold now 3 in plenary meeting, predict national economic policy has farther relaxation generally, investor cares the setting that loosens in money to fall, whether the international demand with already fatigued and weak stimulation, international investor also pays close attention to the Chinese demand that alludes repeatedly very much, whether materiality expands. But, below setting of global economic integration, of Chinese economy external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent already height is associated, once put delay,be like global economy, the rate that the commodity market that represents business barometer is affected will be very old. Once global economy breaks down, commodity market also will lead to graveyard.

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