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Commentary of job of Anhui city industry
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Industry is to advance the core key position with benign and interactive industry 3 times. Summary our city comes for years the experience that economy grows, can say, development of our city economy is not quite rapid, main crucial reason is developing lag at industry, the action that prop up is not strong. Want to realize mussel port “ to weigh the Zhen Xiongfeng, goal that achieves brilliant ” again, with respect to the route that must take industrial strong city adamantinely, revitalize through revitalizing industry to come to those who achieve our city economy further.

In recent years, the our city carried out strategy of industrial strong city to gain remarkable success energetically, had entered the phase that industrialized initial stage advances to metaphase, the feature that industrialization quickens is very apparent, industry has become the growth force with whole city the mainest economy. During 15 ” of “ , industry of above of whole town dimensions by 176 produced development to go to 229. 2005, the whole town industry that finish raises a cost 9.6 billion multivariate, during 15 ” of “ year all increase by degrees 15 % above; Dimensions above industry realizes gain many yuan 8, year all increase by degrees 45 % . Advantage industry grows further expand, industry of implementation of industry of 3 large dominant positions raised a cost 2005 many yuan 30, profit 3. 9.6 billion yuan, occupy the 40 % of business of dimensions above industry and 43 % above respectively, increase ceaselessly to the action propping up of whole city economy. Company of whole town new and high technology grows 29, product of new and high technology develops 39, formed the industry of new and high technology that has stated dominant position and dimensions for what rely on with the enterprise such as abundant former group, Hua Guang group group. Garden area develops progress just interest, industrial assemble effect is shown gradually, 6 provincial developing zones of whole town build an area kilometer of 40 much square, the enterprise that enter garden amounts to 679, a batch of priority discipline are intensifying building, 2005, development garden area realizes gross value of industrial output 6.6 billion multivariate, the proportion that holds whole town gross value of industrial output raised 20 % above. Before this year 8 months, industry of above of whole town dimensions accumulative total implementation raises a cost 5.1 billion multivariate, grow 15.3% compared to the same period; Production value of industry of the accumulative total present price that finish 14.9 billion multivariate, grow 14% above compared to the same period. All these accelerated industrial development to lay good foundation for us.

Of course, the industrial dominant position of farther aggrandizement our city, we still are faced with add fast on the low side, gross to slant sex of structure of small, industry is contradictory and outstanding, and big company, big group, well-known trademark slants capability of innovation of little, science and technology is not strong wait for the reality that must face and challenge. But, also should see, we have good industry and technical base, industrial class is more all ready, capability of form a complete set is stronger, industrial assemble effect is being formed, give birth to corporeal industry to already showed embryonic form especially, having wide development perspective. Mussel port has a batch of universities and colleges and place of scientific research courtyard, actual strength of science and education is relatively abundant, can offer powerful technology to prop up for industrial development. Wait as railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed east to the passageway perfect, river of the Huaihe River is waterborne of ability rise, the area of mussel port reach integrated traffic advantage to will get farther promotion. Mussel port is state-owned the enterprise was finished basically already now through the means such as property right displacement change make the task, preliminary built contemporary company system, do poineering work 2 times for enterprise “ ” provided inherent power. Current, international industry is transferred to China quickly, coastal industry accelerates upcountry move, mid rise abruptly the strategy will give an our city such old industry city in investment, project the respect such as arrangement brings policy privilege to wait. Put forth effort of government of provincial Party committee, province makes two the Huaihe River of “ this — of …… of corridor of heavy chemical industry of one mussel ” cuts what promote industry for us to exceed convention, span type development offerred condition and great opportunity.
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