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River of Hunan of big wave of science and technology -- industry of the Changsha
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On January 18, tan Zhongchi of mayor of the Changsha City is on city person congress to delegate of National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference the committee member reports: 2004, changsha realizes gross value of industrial output one hundred billion six hundred and six million yuan, grow 25.2 % ; Dimensions above industry realizes total production value seventy billion six hundred and six million yuan, grow 28.3 % , realize gain 5 billion yuan, city of 44 centers of whole nation of house of interest tax rate the first. Committee member of delegate of National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference anounces enthusiastic applause, showed satisfactory smile.
People is proud to rise abruptly of Changsha industry quickly: 1991, changsha gross value of industrial output just crossed 10 billion yuan;

Began 1992, changsha industry waves reform to grow sleeve, development pace is accelerated, break through 50 billion yuan to total 2001 production value;

Came 2002 2004, only 3 years of time, changsha industry entered one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two steps leading up to a house, came true to span type develops.

This historic span, it is science and technology of “ of Changsha municipal Party committee, municipal government the crystallization that new city ”“ begins strategy of ” of labour strong city, also be the result that produces effect of engine of science and technology adequately.

Garden region industry sings leading role

“ Changsha development sees industry, industry revitalizes division treating garden, garden area rises abruptly see ” of science and technology, this is the consensus that the the Changsha City fluctuates, also be the decision-making orientaton of industry of development of municipal Party committee, municipal government. In recent years, municipal Party committee, municipal government optimizes industrial position, according to “ technology new and high change, industrial dimensions is changed, product extroversion is changed, invest the principle of diversity ” , made a series of favourable policy, encourage add industrial project newly to be centered to garden area, capital attraction guides to garden area, job of science and technology tilts to garden area, formed with national monitor sand development of technology of sanded economy of monitor of development of estate of new and high technology, state is core, along 319 countries banding the garden of the garden of science and technology of university of Yue Lu hill that distributing, medicine of clear positive live thing “ that has distinguishing feature each two areas new structure of industry of 6 garden ” . 6 garden ” collected two areas of “ business of hundreds of industry, among them dimensions industry many 160, production value crosses 100 million yuan nearly 40. Couplet weighs the bibcock company such as computer of division, 31 heavy industry, ambitious air conditioning, Hunan in, make the brand that is famous in world of the whole nation, trend.
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