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2007 commentary of industry of world oil refining: Stable ability increases refi
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The United States " oil gas magazine " published report of year of industry of world oil refining on December 24, 2007. The report points out, industry of world oil refining continued 2007 small a growth, refine factory gross keeps basically stable, oil refining ability grows somewhat, oil refining profit margin is in higher level.
Oil refining ability grows 6 years continuously
Statistical data shows, 2007, total capacity of world oil refining exceeds 4.265 billion tons year, relatively 4.259 billion tons of 2006 / year small add 6.5 million tons / year, amplitude only 0.15% . But the ascendant posture that continued to begin from 2002, become successive the 6th growth year, achieve a history again new tall.
2007 a total of world refine factory 657, relatively on year reduce 1. Ability of world oil refining mixes since 1995 the metabolic trend of refine factory gross: After 1999, present of whole of gross of world refine factory reduces a current, the step of gross mushroom was not refine factory to build refine plant in those days 1998 mushroom, however as a result of before " oil gas magazine " cause not completely to Chinese statistic data, " oil gas magazine " the data that began correction China 1998.
Respect of ability of world oil refining, 1996~1999 year be in a rapid growth period, year all grow 2.3% ; 2000~2004 year be in adjust period, the course was mixed 2000 successive 2001 two years after decreasing successively, begin slow increase, 5 years year all amplitude is 0.21% ; Ability of world oil refining jumped 2005 adjacent 3.2% ; Mixed 2006 2007 again hasten delay.
2007, north America area becomes oil refining ability to grow the fastest area, increase 5.15 million tons in all / year, achieve 1.048 billion tons / year, grow 0.5% . African increase rate is top, for 2% , from on year 161 million tons / year fall increase 164 million tons / year. Hamster area increased 3.55 million tons in all / year, grow 0.7% , achieve 517 million tons / year.
Asia-Pacific and ability of oil refining of Western Europe area drop somewhat, reduced 4.8 million tons respectively / year mix 660 thousand tons / year, achieve 1.111 billion tons / year mix 744 million tons / year.
Middle east and ability of South-American area oil refining keep balance basically, middle east reduces inadequacy 100 thousand tons / year, south America increases 10 thousand tons / year, achieve 352 million tons respectively / year mix 330 million tons / year.
Add ability newly to come from enlarge to be able to be transformed
2007, without new refine factory put into production, add oil refining ability newly to come from the enlarge at existing refine factory to be able to be transformed entirely.

The biggest device spread can be the refinery austral the Xi Ci of Russia country Petroleum Company, oil refining ability from 7.57 million tons / year enlarge is added reach 10.7 million tons / year, this refine factory belongs to Youkesi formerly company, in May 2007, youkesi 3 refine factory is auctioned, factory of refine of Sike of the factory of the refine austral Xi Ci, new ancient husband that compare snow and factory of refine of Gu Bixue's husband an attributive Russia Petroleum Company.
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