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Commentary of industry of cement of middle east area (one)
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Since 21 centuries, the cement industry development of middle east area is very swift and violent, especially the country such as chief of a tribe of couplet of Saudi Arabia, A, because of its each infrastructure is large-scale of construction need, year of increase rate of cement consumption amount to 40% , was built or building a batch of large modern cement plants, the cement equipment supplier with top-ranking bound of a few extraction began intense competition one time here, industry of our country cement marchs the group of industry of division of data of brunt —— China of world market (in material international) also participated in with group of Chinese building materials a lot of always contract the contest mark of the project, and achieve very good result, group of cement of your whole world is fixed eyes on. Area of middle east of at present general of the cement industry commentary of 9 countries, offer reference.
Express 1 2005 year middle east 9 countries general situation

The country fastens capital population (1 million) area (person of Km)2 population density / (Km)2 city is changed lead A of / of dollar of GNP of % average per capita

Average per capita uses up cement kilogram / A
2.4 17820 134 100 16340 1185 of 1. Kuwait Kuwait
Benefit of 2. Saudi Arabia is elegant 26.0 1960582 13 83 >1000 >1100
Cloth of A of chief of a tribe of 3. A couplet is plunged into than 4.6 82880 49 82 >2000 2934
5.5 92300 60 79 1860 680 of 4. Jordan Amman
Noise made in coughing or vomiting of 5. Oman Mass is special 2.9 212460 13.6 13 7830 450
6. Qatar breaths out 0.84 11437 73 91 >20000 1800 more
66.6 1636000 41 59 1720 450 of 7. Iran Teheran
24.4 432162 51 73 736~2935 184 of 8. Iraq Bagdad
17.5 185180 94.5 50 1130 304 of 9. Syria Damascus

Data sources: ICR, global Cement Report 6th Edition, 2005; ICR 2006 No.3.

1. Kuwait

Kuwait already the oil reserves of ascertain is 98 billion pails, 10% what take the whole world, 50% what oil exports accrual to occupy GNI, 98% what hold export trade gross earnings, 80% what occupy national government spending, resource of its oil gas resides the cogongrass before the world. Large-scale economic construction plays the requirement that changed cement. 2000~2002 year cement consumes year of increase rate Ceng Da 10% . 2001, kuwait parted to buy a day to produce 3300 tons product line each from Danish FLS company and Italian PEG company, make its cement produces per year a quantity to achieve 2 million tons, nearly 1 million tons of breach still need to be imported from neighbour. {TodayHot} is put without ode of resource of cement raw material in view of this country, limestone, gesso is from A couplet chief of a tribe and Iran are bought, aluminium pledges and iron qualitative raw material is bought from India more. The KCC of company of a cement with this only state built a pink to grind a station recently, purchase clinker to grind make cement, replace entrance cement stage by stage, its in recent years inside the possibility that builds cement plant again is not large. Current, kuwait basically imports cement especially from sand, price of OPC cement market makes an appointment with 65 dollars / ton.
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