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Commentary of job of Anhui city industry
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What be based on our city industry to develop the current situation and development tendency just about is accurate hold, not long ago of municipal Party committee, municipal government advanced the main goal that economy of whole town industry grows, this combines what industry of our city “8765” promotes a project to carry out cheek by jowl namely, sales revenue of company of industry of whole 2010 town strives to break through 80 billion yuan, year all increase by degrees 14% , ensure whole town industry increases value “ to turn over ” one time, 10 thousand yuan of industry of whole town raise a cost integrated specific power consumption reduces 20 % ; Optimize industrial structure further; Making base of property of careful chemical industry give birth to glass and corporeal property base, glass the respect of base of 7 big industries such as base of base of base of base of deep treatment industry, car component property, electronic Information Industry, carbon fiber property and textile treatment base; Business of industry of above of dimensions of whole 2010 town achieves 600 above, sales revenue strives to achieve 60 billion yuan of above, year all increase by degrees 16 % above; Increase investment strength further, ensure project of industrial stress investment is carried out smoothly, to 2010, fixed assets of whole town industry invests accumulative total 5 years to strive to achieve 50 billion yuan.
How to develop industry to be in span does developing affect type to use? Mix currently henceforth a period, we must be highlighted further enlarge industrial economy gross this one first job, leave no stone unturned arouses the enthusiasm of each respect poineering development, inside and outside develops simultaneously, new often pay equal attention to, size is caught together, high ground give attention to two or morethings, breed more development main body that grow red-bloodedly, quickly, form the structure that is business of bibcock, mainstay and medium and small businesses to coordinate development with big company hard.

The project is the important grasper that industry grows. We must leave no stone unturned introduces capital and technology, carry on actively develop the move of region industry and capital, implementation lends force the new breakthrough of development. Want exert oneself to breed invoke inherent power, big thrust does poineering work into the whole people, encourage an enterprise actively 2 times to do poineering work. Surface of remittent, square field wants whole town project of positive try to find a solution, strive for project, leave no stone unturned to accelerate project construction, strong thrust enters what “3461” action plans to carry out. Want to implement old open strategy adamantinely, the lifeline that works capital attraction as economic construction and enlarge open important grasper, take effective measures, raise capital attraction level in the round. Should carry out adamantinely east to development strategy, begin pair of diplomacy shedding and collaboration actively, special want around construction “ two the Huaihe River city of one mussel ” group, strengthen the combination with circumjacent city and cooperation further. At the same time we deepen industrial system mechanism to reform further even, develop the environment with favorable creation for industrial economy hard, energetically compose builds technology innovation system, accelerate garden area construction, accelerate development to build atmosphere for industrial economy further, provide power, make platform.
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