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The near future is commented to market of industry of European pulp papermaking
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The near future is right market of industry of European pulp papermaking with major effect have 2 factors:

Exchange rate of the first dollar goes weak, the 2nd it is price of the sources of energy rises on the whole. These 2 kinds of elements are right market of industry of European pulp papermaking with negative effect. With 2002 compare first quarter, pulp of Europe of the fourth quarter and paper product import rose 1 times 2004. The proportion of the entrance is occupied 14% , the difference of operating costs of paper industry product that the situation of money market causes Europe and country of blame European Union is increased, bring about the product of pulp and paper industry that comes from “ to be not traditional country ” to increase for goods.

The perspective of market of excellent paper product is not clear. The March record before this year makes clear decrease for goods, with the blame art paper that uses paper product at producing office average price is compared low. The company with European well-known at the same time great majority begins to undertake newly-built yield can project.

Be in before long in the future, the paper product of a few model may appear overproduction. But this is in quite depend on on degree the development speed of industry of Chinese pulp papermaking.

Of pulp price raise may not to be able to make the price of paper product improves, going up somehow for, the last few years predicts to there can be go into operations of a few big plant of the oar that boil in China and Brazil.

The situation of art paper is a little special, art paper market of Europe does not have competitive issue, but the problem that has other. Art paper demand of Europe has 60% of its crop only, developing art paper to export that is to say is manufacturer of European art paper crucial question of the home.

Still have the export problem that sharper issue is European notes paper, although since the closest period of time the price of American competitor rose with dollar computation nearly 40% , but if will measure with euro, the price of American competitor still is in under its level of retentive 2000 price.

The situation of newspaper contains structural sex. Network and the development that other is not paper communication channel bring about newspaper to drop of demand substantially. The data of before 2005 a few months has shown somewhat. The newspaper that comes from Europe decreases for goods 3% , the newspaper that comes from the United States decreases for goods 6% . Of euro exchange rate strong with Canada yuan of exchange rate rise to also be in mutual echo. The production to newspaper with adverse effect. Paper industry manufacturer of Europe plans to adopt measure to answer the complex phase that paper estate market appears. But the thing is so not simple.

In exterior market respect, europe is faint at the value of paper industry product to great majority in order to affect. The Asia's new papermaking is produced can appear and the papermaking of country of original socialism a group of people of same interest is produced can modern, of the much polarization situation that the reservation of pattern of American pulp and paper industry is market of world paper estate form offerred possibility, begin price competition likely.
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