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Revitalize for industry build puissant prop up industry uses foreign capital to
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The Liaoning earth August, accompanying sweltering summer heat and come, still industry of a wave uses foreign capital heat wave. And let us see surfy ” of among them a few “ : In April the last ten-day of a month, by Japan 3 water chestnut weigh labour and Shenyang spaceflight new smooth group is joint-stock new Guang Sanling weighs established Shenyang aviation labour valve limited company is formal start working. Current, a floor area the modern chemical plant of 15 thousand square metre is successful complete, equipment installation is debugged and the job such as Training Within Industry already all was finished, achieve batch to produce a demand, the product faces countrywide engine market and exit is abroad. On May 26, the joint-stock project that groups of 500 Lynd of strong company Germany cooperate is formal put into production, iceberg group will be introduced heart square latest technology, basically be made and offer industrial device of large air depart and petro-chemical wait for field whole set of equipment. Amount of contract of brushstroke order is amounted to 300 million multivariate. On June 28, the battalion mouth Tie Rui that invests build by group of famous Indian tower tower is fireproof data limited company, in start working of garden of industry of chemical industry of battalion mouth metallurgy. On July 18, the international aviation that 2006 Luo Shao of British model fort opens is exhibited upload come message, shenyang aircraft industry (group) company and Canadian Pang Badi company, signed contract of project of subcontract of body of main engine of strong 8—Q400 aircraft. This is the biggest civil aircraft key that at present country continues component subcontract project, what be worth big book brushstroke especially is government of provincial Party committee, province puts forward “ after 5.1 line ” develops the strategy, numerous and overseas investor is attracted, come round to make an on-the-spot investigation in succession negotiate of all kinds industry is joint-stock cooperative project …… ” of these following one by one “ big movement, showed I am saved adequately what industry uses foreign capital first half of the year is exuberant opportunity of survival.

Equipment manufacturing industry uses frequency of ” of window of foreign capital “ to shine

Industry uses the make a comprehensive survey first half of the year the big trend of foreign capital, the equipment manufacturing industry that saves one of pillar industries as me continues to appear strong. According to concerning sectional statistic, this year 1 to June, complete province uses foreign capital actually 2.1 billion dollar, and equipment manufacturing industry uses foreign capital forehead to amount to 1.27 billion dollar, 60.7% what occupy complete province to use foreign capital actually, grew 151.3% compared to the same period. One of “ window ” , foreign capital foreign enterprise increases endowment spread strength is increased. The 4 large trades such as equipment of electron of the electric machine of Shenyang city, communication, computer, general and special device, rank foreign capital to add endowment before 4, industry of whole first half of the year town uses foreign capital to finish 500 million dollar. Dalian city is entered first half of the year endowment the project of 10 million dollar has two, enter namely endowment the project mixes the masses engine of 4300 much dollars to already was entered endowment of 47 million dollar show Toshiba item greatly. Of “ window ” , the big company of joint-stock collaboration is much, big project is much. Up to now, already had provincial capital of 500 strong company settle, in all initiate 68 3 endowment enterprise. The dark of the base of a fruit of Dalian overcomes zine plate of captive uncle plating 2 period project, foreign already decided to add endowment, in the big company such as big bavin of group of distant ship Wu, iceberg, one steam and foreign have new cooperative move. What these is sure that save industrial framework for me is farther add new “ calcium lustily qualitative ” !
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