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Industrial product is commented
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Copper: Short-term downward, metaphase is not Anacreontic. Domestic copper concentrate and useless copper entrance drop from the historical perch April, but as more driving than still maintaining as historical level photograph. At the same time premium of inside and outside reduces reflective home market to supply enough, domestic copper price still not hopeful, the proposal is wait-and-see.

Aluminous: In merchandise on hand strong fall with the pattern of long-dated agio, short-term predict to small rebound. But in long-term still not hopeful. Zhou Wu data shows, although range is not big,China was country of primary aluminous only outlet May, but those who mirror those who give country to supply is driving. Aluminous plant of 3 quarters home is new the yield that put in can create the value to home constant pressure. The proposal is wait-and-see.

Zinc: Short-term downward, nominal hold. Already formed certain exit to cover profit opportunity at present. Zhou Wu's data shows, china is successive already the only import state that two months become fine zinc, exit is successive at the same time 5 months drop. The growth that conduces to fine zinc crop rises of zincic concentrate entrance considerably in the meantime. Because of this to domestic zinc price character, short-term pressure is not little.

Balata: The 2nd phase of bear market, the advantage of rate of exchange of homebred glue is shown, but still can't turn round drop situation. Nominal continues hold, but cannot add a storehouse.

Fuel: Short-term go soft, 3500 have pressure, bull can decrease a storehouse. American crude market still is bull pattern, but 70 around have an aeriform pressure.