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Commentary of American cement industry
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2002~2005 year, american economy shows ascendant trend, GDP year increase rate 3% above. The demand that waits for pair of cement rebuilds to rise continuously after all sorts of construction and calamity, its year increase rate is amounted to about 5% . Cement consumption of the United States amounted to 130 million tons 2005, import cement and grog among them 33.5 million tons. 10 come for years, the United States builds cement plant rarely, ability changes the product line that upgrade not much also, contrarily still eliminates stop production a few old plants, cement crop is maintained from beginning to end be in 83 million tons / or so years, skimpy share relies on an entrance. Cement entrance measures many tons 3000 when increase to now from many tons 1000 10 years ago. 2003~2005 year because cement demand growth is bigger, the United States had ten product line to carry out ability to change increase production measure, also begin to prepare to construct at the same time plant of a few new cement. Among them some already put into production, some still is in construction. Cement crop of the United States already was added 2005 reach 93 million tons. 2006~2008 year an United States will the product line that ability changes go into operation has 8, of go into operation of extend new line have 6, of new plant put into production have 6, aggregate 20 projects, add cement newly to produce can 16.7 million tons / year, have a Denmark among them the company offers Smith the world that lead plane equips most the day with large {TodayHot} produces 12000 tons of product line, produce per year cement 4 million ~430 10 thousand tons.

The United States has 35 cement company, 118 cement plant, total productivity amounts to 115 million tons of cement; Cement kiln makes an appointment with 185, clinker is produced can 93.5 million tons, among them PC kiln 150, wet kiln 35, former average grog is produced can be 560 thousand tons / year, latter is 260 thousand tons / year; Still nearly 20 pink grind a station, basically produce scoria concrete. There are 15 cents to belong to international in numerous cement company of the United States actually a few the largest transnational corporation are all, occupy clinker to always be produced can 90% ; 10% fraction that remain belong to the cement company of additionally 20 American place. Apparent, cement industry of the United States is run by the international cement tycoon such as Holcim, Lafarge, Cemex, Heidelberg, Italeementi actually.

The United States consumed cement in all 2005 129.7 million tons, among them common Portland cement 120.7 million tons (93%) , masonry cement 5.5 million tons (4.3%) , scoria cement 3.5 million tons (2.7%) . In countrywide cement mix material mix into on average to be made an appointment with into the quantity 4% , jiashangping all the gesso of 3% , clinker: Cement =93:100.

The United States before 10 one's remaining years basically imports cement from Japan, japanese cement exits American market already basically now. The United States imported 30.5 million tons of cement 2005, 3 million tons of grog, import cement to make an appointment with 5 million tons each by Canada and China among them, by Thailand, Greek, Korea, Venezuela and Mexican entrance each make an appointment with 2 million tons, the others 10 million tons, import by additionally ten countries, look China is in a few years of future in become the United States' biggest cement probably to import a country. But the experience lesson that should draw Mexico, make good United States may adopt “ to turn over the preparation of dumping ” . United States of the beginning of the year just cancelled to Mexico entrance cement imposes tax this year 26 dollars {HotTag}/ ton measure, instead 3 dollars / ton. This is the victory after Mo Fang should appeal to 16 years.
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