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Gold industry moved first half of the year 2007 comment
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Through above the analysis makes clear, 11.86 billion yuan when total production value of gold industry system grew first half of the year 2007 in, rise because of golden price and grew 1.342 billion; Grow because of gold output and increased two billion five hundred and two million six hundred thousand yuan; Through enlarging diversity to manage, development was not golden property to increase 5.87 billion yuan, the contributive graphic representation that 3 kinds of elements increase to industrial production value is as follows:

Countrywide gold industry realized gain in June 2006 664.8 million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 85.28% ; Add up to realizes gain first half of the year three billion four hundred and sixty-seven million eight hundred thousand yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 997 million yuan, amplitude is 40.35% , although this average amplitude is less than the half June, but 2.6 times still be crop amplitude, it is one makes the growth of person hearten. But, further analysis makes we saw the other one side of this growth again:

2007 first half of the year, receive 2.503 billion yuan because of golden output grows and be being added, if press the production value profit margin last year 11.54% computation, due 290 million yuan turn the profit that is reality; Receive 1.342 billion yuan because of rise in price and be being added, this part is added although not be all,close, also should be absolutely much turn for actual profit, it is almost because of devoted cost 0; Still the product that be not gold is added receive 5.87 billion yuan, by production value profit margin was calculated last year, should increase profit 677 million yuan. 3 add up to can increase above profit 1.632 billion yuan, but real profit increased to be less than billion only.

2007 consequently two digit increase gold yield first half of the year while, producing cost also may be the growth of two digit. But, because do not have necessary information, can do a such speculation only. We still can produce cost on average to make a deduction by feet for mark by international gold: International gold produced cost on average 2006 is every ounce 401 dollars, be being calculated with the exchange rate of 7.56 is cost of every gram production about 97.48 yuan of RMBs. And in those days international is average golden price is 603.77 dollars, the proportion that consequently its cost takes income is 66.42% ; Industry of our country gold realized gain first half of the year 2007 three billion four hundred and sixty-seven million eight hundred thousand yuan, gross value of industrial output (income) thirty-one billion eight hundred and fifty-seven million one hundred thousand yuan, both photograph is decreased for twenty-eight billion three hundred and eighty-nine million three hundred thousand, this can be inspected it is totle drilling cost together, the proportion that consequently our country gold produces cost to take income is 89.12% . Both quite, production of our country gold is international of average cost 1.34 times (weight of both production cost is compared) , that is to say every overcome our country gold to produce cost on average to be 97.48×134%=130.62 yuan, this is a not accurate inference, the goal that promote is not the cost with specific computation, the analysis that should have a tendency however and quite.
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