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Lin Nu of singer diversiform-leaved poplar says: "Perfume " avirulent Zhang Jing
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Hold to “ perfume ” to do not have poison

Yesterday afternoon, reporter and diversiform-leaved poplar forest get in touch, in the way one speaks or what he says, feel she still feels the lingering anger. She says she was borne very long, now is “ is in silent in erupted ” . She expresses, up-to-date, she still feels " perfume is poisonous " it is the song that suits him style most, also do not think this song has how low common, see the first sense of this song lyrics, the bold ” of the person that “ admires write words. Diversiform-leaved poplar forest thinks, " perfume is poisonous " the woman that libretto can allow to make sentimentality had sufferred a setback produces resonance, it is means of straight to a kind of love white expression, “ turnip green vegetables, each love somewhat, you need not be accepted, but you cannot go from moral angle critically its ” .

Coterie judges “ perfume ” :

Eager for quick success and instant benefit is easy low common

To diversiform-leaved poplar forest view, the reporter interviewed the “ this year Wu Zhoutong of commissioner of fast male ” , famous DJ, he emphasizes above all, judge a song is low common, the overall fundamental key that should watch whole song how. Resemble " perfume is poisonous " this song, itself is the song with very thick color of a love, because this people sees “ accompanies you to sleep ” such libretto, direction of certain of natural meeting day wants to associate. Wu Zhoutong expresses, " perfume is poisonous " such libretto is being passed under the counter sing without any problems, but intermediary of broadcasting station, paper is assuming responsibility of a kind of society, if such song is publicized on these platform, apparent not quite appropriate.

To phenomenon of “ perfume ” , the famous happy Keerqinfu that criticize a person also has his view. He says, the market of past country popular music is smaller, the demand is high also, one year not likely can give a special. “ present problem is, too much person eager for quick success and instant benefit, creating what think above all when song is how can became famous, not hesitate to cater to one part to get numerous attention with elementary means so. Husband of ooze of ” division Er says, as a result of open to question can draw attention, the person that some are created is flat how open to question how to write. Once arouse controversy, song fire, the person that create also earns sufficient eyeball.

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