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Huang Chengqing, Jiang Xiaoyu talks " purify network song "
From;    Author:Stand originally
Time: On October 11, 2007
Place: Forum of people net powerful nation
Theme: Purify network song
Honored guest: Huang Chengqing (Internet association secretary-general)
Jiang Xiaoyu (assistant president of Chinese music newspaper office)
[Jiang Xiaoyu] :  of boundless and indistinct of fluid of moth of flood of Chi brilliant  is shallow 8 whistle 4 Wan brandish surnames pay hurry  of collect of Min of post Wo  ah melt?[14:0 of Suan of serve of Kun Wu ┪8]

[Huang Chengqing] : 9]

[] of a day of one wide young: 1]

[Huang Chengqing] : Does Zhan Niu  blow Lai of smoke of  of the Huang Huang that receive favour is castrate of spay of  of brilliant of crusty pancake of  of Guo of Huan Xin serve carries quilt of   reel silk from cocoons to treat  to cut childish of quilt of reel silk from cocoons of  of fall forward of San of flavour of coil up of  of grave of Bi of Chinese toon Dong into parts male is pancreas of  of Shu of the  that retreat a word held?

Transmit a doorsill as a result of it reduce, so what kind of person, can transmit the music that oneself write on the net, include popular music, decorous music, insalubrious even music, can travel through the network. I think, a such platform, more ask our netizen builds a kind of consciousness, namely not just oneself should transmit this kind of music, should think of we are people of a society even more, want to assume the social responsibility of at least.

A such platform provided the platform of a very convenient, quick, extensive, seasonable transmission to our creation, but as us, if transmit a few harmful information to also can expand likewise, I think how the musical work with this kind of low common, bad keep within limits is a very complex topic, this involves an area very extensive also. I want to not have is a few respects: A development as network music, everybody should strengthen self-discipline. Additional, the government publishs laws and regulations of a few law to restrain the behavior of ” of aberrance of a few “ even, additionally even our administration superintends a branch to strengthen the management of network music.

Of course, if want to seek a net,be ” of Sukhavati of a “ this is impossible to be accomplished completely, it is OK that I think wanting network music mainstream only is good. [14:12]

[Shrimp Mi] : 3]

[Huang Chengqing] : Violet magpie of J of Zhen of fine dry up of Ran of cook neck of serve of Xin of Sun of of lineal descent of alliance of Ω of  of ǎ of Duo of soft-shelled turtle of Yi Huan of moth of formic Jiao  mu does Ge compose retreat subcutaneous ulcer of  of Gang wishing  secretly is dainty of Huan Xin serve violet benevolence and does  シ hang down Wu of evil spirit ü of  drag  ?

Because, everybody can imagine, in a music, in a work, in others of attack, fling abuses, decontamination contaminates social environment of everybody, violate public interest, I think anybody can be not accepted, everybody is fed up with it, such thing is to belong to evil common and low common this kind. [14:13]
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