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"Touch crane city " 10 VIP choose commentary
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———“ touchs 10 VIP of crane city ” to choose mobile commentary

By municipal Party committee culture of propagandist department, city does and the TV station begins neat Qihaer jointly, in order to promote drive of town of new era crane, show neat city the “ that in recent years thought morality builds achievement to be a tenet touchs 10 VIP of crane city ” to choose an activity to had fallen next heavy curtain. The honor of ” of 10 beautiful citizen and ” of 10 “ outstanding citizens is in 10 “ whole society is looked attentively at adoringly below, had in the admire sound of 1 million citizens attributive. Bear the palm person or have big love, or have crackajack contribution, or the traditional goodness that embodied the Chinese nation, or the times value orientaton that represented socialistic new period. They are represented centrally and mirrorred our city people to stress achievement mediumly in cultural and ideological progress, protruding showed neat city to build the successful model of harmonious society, added the brand of times spirit for neat city. Accordingly, “ touchs the selection of 10 VIP of crane city ” , touched crane city already, touch masses, also touched a times.

In recent years, below the leader of municipal Party committee, municipal government, neat city is in devote oneself to good rapid development while, also establish town of harmonious society, harmonious crane in actively. Harmonious society is democratic law, fair justice, sincere letter the society that friendly affection, red-blooded, person and natural harmony get along. Harmonious society, everybody is shared; Compose builds harmony, also everybody has duty. From “ 10 beautiful ” , “ bear the palm of 10 actor ” person we see on the body, smooth laic smooth everything can be created great. Be being chosen this is to pass the public to poll the outstanding delegate that from the society with the means of choose each estate elects, they basically are neat city's average citizens, have townsman, have rustic masses, have a soldier, have an intellectual, have family financial situation embarrassed person, also have a body weak force is small person, the action that they are in ground of plain guileless fact, true true be sure to to use their is explaining an Everyman to be opposite country, right the society, sense of responsibility to the family, and “ low dare not forget care country ” and “ are old I is old and of the person old, young I young and of the person young the Chinese nation of ” is outstanding tradition and exalted sentiment. Tian Shouwen, lose a family fortune to also should build the space of warm friendly affection for the ill baby that have never met before; Li Changping, patronizing the neighbour old person that does not have kin ten years; Week civilian money, be ready to help others for a just cause more than 10 years, brave makes the same score policeman examine ” when “ ; Tian Haibin, 17 years free donates blood 40 thousand much milliliter; Wang Guilian, the body that ground of different of an alien land also wants to use many years old 80 changes evil exceed not high mountain …… the thing that this is the rough this mortal world that common person makes! This is Everyman lead to what social fashion zephyr enrages with drive. Many a little makes a mickle, nachuan becomes the lake, accumulate be apt to to become heart. Also holding to because of what have these common people, in the rough every train that neat city just has more and more Everyman to join just integrity. Below Ji Yongfa's impel, association of love of neat city long-distance race is spreading love in crane city earth not only, leave good name in great river north and south. The person that “ touchs crane city ” touched crane city, with respect to the development that can promote crane city and progress.
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